How to delete the Supercell ID account?

How to delete the Supercell ID account?  Today we want to show you the easiest and simplest way to achieve it. This mechanism could help you a lot in those cases where you want to disconnect your account from any game developed by Supercell.

Requesting the deletion of a Supercell identification account is possible, although for many it is a difficult task to perform. While the procedure may not be that easy, the truth is that following a few steps we will achieve disconnect our account.

What is involved in deleting a Supercell ID account

Before explaining the steps you must follow to disconnect your Supercell identification account, it is important to make it clear what are some of the consequences that could occur after the deletion of an account.

If you are here it is because you are interested in learning how to delete the Supercell identification account, however we want to tell you about some implications which would have the deletion of your account.

If you proceed to delete your Supercell identification account You must be aware that the game progress of all the titles linked to your account will be lost forever.

Likewise you will lose any purchases you have made in the game, for example real currency, gems, coins, trunks, articles, among other game tools.

Steps to delete a Supercell account

Deleting a Supercell account is possible And here we bring you some of the steps you must follow in order to erase your account on this platform forever.

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Start one of the games created by the renowned Swedish company.

Once you have accessed one of these games developed by Supercell, for example Clash Royale, you will have to enter the automated support service from Supercell and ask for support via chat.

Remember that after deleting your Supercell identification account it will no longer be possible to recover itFor that reason, it is important to be sure of the step to be taken.

If you have already sent the removal request but you still have doubts about the procedure, you could try contact Supercell Support. In the event that the request has not yet been processed, there would be a possibility of recovering your account.

How to delete the Supercell ID

The Supercell platform is currently one of the best that exists when accessing different games from our mobile device. If for any reason you have decided to delete your account forever and you don't know how to do it here are some steps you should follow:

  1. The first thing you should do is link your account
  2. Now go to the section of "Settings"And click on the" Online "button
  3. Select the option of "Supercell ID"
  4. Disconnect your account

You will have to stop using your account for at least 30 continuous days. After that period, the account will proceed to be automatically deleted due to inactivity.