How to delete your SHEIN account

How to delete your SHEIN account

Among the countless online stores dedicated to clothing and accessories, SHEIN undoubtedly stands out, a platform capable of offering a huge number of products at very affordable prices. It is precisely because of these characteristics that you have come to give in and create a free account to test the service.

Although creating it is surely very fast and very simple, to remove it, unfortunately, you will have to do some extra steps .... In this guide we will focus on that option and look at all the ways to delete your SHEIN account.

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Remove a SHEIN account from your settings

The most immediate method to delete your SHEIN account is based on the settings on the SHEIN website. The procedure will be automatic, but unfortunately it is not currently available on the Italian site. Therefore, the first thing to do is transfer to the US.

  • Access the SHEIN website by clicking this link
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Italy" down left
  • Select entry "USA" and conclude with "CONFIRM"

At this point you can log into your account and proceed with the deletion.

  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Continue with «Login / register» and enter your access credentials in the area dedicated to the "Log in"
  • Click again on the profile icon in the upper right corner
  • Select entry «My profile« and later on «Account Security«
  • In the left sidebar, click «Delete account«
  • Confirm the deletion with "Request deletion"
  • Check the article "Accept the description of the deletion of the SHEIN account." and click "Continue"
  • Select the reason for the account deletion and click "Following"
  • Enter the verification code received in the email box
  • Confirm everything with «Confirm request»
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Obviously, everything can be done even through a mobile phone and therefore using the mobile website. We also remind you that the action is irreversible and that if you want to use the service again, you will necessarily have to create a new account.

Delete a SHEIN account from customer service

Another equally effective method is to deal directly with one of SHEIN's operators. To complete the procedure, you will need to contact customer service through the chat integrated into the website (or through a call or an email ticket).

  • Access the SHEIN website by clicking this link
  • Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner
  • Continue with "Log in" and enter your access credentials in the access area
  • Click the headphone icon in the upper right and then click "Customer Service"
  • Choose item "Account matters"
  • Continue with "Security problem" and select «Manual service»
  • Choose whether to request assistance via chat, call, or ticket email
  • Wait for the operator to respond, request to delete the account and follow the instructions provided

Before concluding, we would like to point out that, to successfully complete the deletion of the account, it will be necessary to be "in order" with the data entered in your profile and especially with the requested orders. In particular: all orders must be completed, the account must not have had a stolen password and there must be no credit remaining in the virtual wallet.

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