How to download and install Zoom on a Macbook

How to download and install Zoom on a Macbook.

Zoom is a very common internet conferencing platform for remote conferences. It is available on various technical platforms, especially the MacBook. The process of installing and using Zoom has several features. This article will cover all of the above.

How can I download and install Zoom for MacBook?

The process of downloading and installing this online platform on mac has a number of complexities and nuances. To avoid difficulties, please read the instructions carefully:

  • This program on Mac OS is distributed exclusively through the official site, there is no point in searching for Zoom in the App Store on your own.
  • Go to the official Zoom website. Look for a special window with a download button. (this button is blue). It should start downloading a file called: “Zoom.pkg”.
  • After downloading this file, you need to install it. Open this program.
  • This will open the Zoom installer app. On the first page, titled: “Introduction” you can read briefly about Zoom. The text is in English, but it's not complicated at all. To proceed with the installation, press the “Continue” button.
  • Next, choose who Zoom will be available to. The first option is for all computer users, the second is for you. Continue by clicking the “Continue” button.
  • This will bring up a page where it is possible to change the folder where Zoom will be installed. By default, it installs to the system files, which is a good default option. To continue, press: «Install».
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What you need to know before launching Zoom for Mac OS

There is an important security feature in Mac OS. Files downloaded from the Internet are automatically blocked, so to start using Zoom you need to go into system settings. This can be done through the Dock or through the menu: “Apple Menu”.

In the system settings, you have to select “Security and protection”. Initially, the settings will be locked, so you have to click on the yellow lock icon.

This will give you access to disable the security system. To deactivate it, you must enter the username and password. Then click on the button: «Deactivate protection».

At the bottom, activate the item called “App Store for Mac and from installed developers”. Confirm the changes and press the yellow padlock again.

How to use Zoom on macOS

The first thing to do is open the Zoom app. Before using it, it is advisable to register on this online site. This will give you access to settings, conferences and other things. This is done within the app. You will then be presented with the boot menu, which displays the following:

  • At the top of the app you'll see a series of tabs: Home, Chat, Conferences, Contacts. Next to it will be the search icon, a little further on is your avatar, and below that are the settings.
  • On the home page there are tools to create a new conference, connect to a meeting, a calendar where you can postpone conferences, and a demo screen.
  • The chat tab will show you the dialogs. There you can also start a new conversation, etc.
  • In conferences we can see the next conferences, as well as a series of recorded conferences.
  • Contacts are essentially a kind of friends. You can add your companions here. There is a function to create and join channels.
  • Use search to find important messages and contacts.
  • By clicking on your avatar you will have access to all your personal information, as well as your mode of operation.
  • Use the settings to adapt the zoom to your liking.
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Create conferences on Zoom

The main task of Zoom conferences. The creation of conferences is as follows:

  • On the home page, you have to click the button: New Conference, then Zoom will create it automatically.
  • You can hover your mouse over the aforementioned icon. Below is an arrow, when you click on it you will see: Use Personal Conference Indexer. You can use it to create a conference invitation and protection.
  • When you schedule a conference, click on the button: “Schedule”. You can use it to select the date, time of the conference, and to set the conference invite and indexer.

Sending invitations to Zoom

Conferences are a collaborative effort, which means you have to be able to add people to the conference. Click on the arrow below the icon: “New Conference”. A menu will open with a set of numbers (index number) at the bottom. With this you can copy the invitation to the conference. It contains a direct link to it, as well as the access code and the index. Then you have to send this invitation through contacts or other social networks to the right people.

Receive an invitation from another user

Another user can send an invitation to the conference. Click on the link in the invitation. This will open a new page with an offer to open Zoom and you will have to accept and open it. You can be immediately directed to the conference or you will be asked for an access code, which is also included in the invitation.

This Internet platform requires special attention. Use our article to install, download and configure Zoom. Please read it carefully. It will work!

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