How to download Minecraft for free on iPhone?

How to download Minecraft for free on iPhone? Before delving into ¿How to download Minecraft for free on Iphone? It is good to indicate, for those who do not know, that Minecraft is a video game that is dedicated to the construction of an open world.

It was created by Markus Persson, who founded the company Mojang AB. And it is found available since 2009. Becoming the favorite of the games that have this modality, from that moment.

This game has a reduced version which is Minecraft Bedrock, which is also known as Pocket Edition. This being a reduced version of this well-known game for the PC. So it is the same proposal but it has been adapted to mobile devices.

It is also a game called open world, in it it is considered objective is to collect a series of elements, and to consolidate an inventory and carry out the construction of a series, which will be unlimited, of objects.

Therefore, all that is required to make this version work is a mobile phone that is connected to the internet.

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Survival mode

Knowing How to download Minecraft for free on Iphone? You must bear in mind that this game has a survival mode. In it you must have combats with monsters or creatures that are presented to you in the game, so you have to fight so that you are not eliminated.

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But you should not worry, because you will be able to carry out the construction of everything you need to survive.

This mobile version is optimized like the PC version, maintaining its graphics and very good performance. As well as touch controls provide comfort when gaming.

How to download Minecraft for free on iPhone? And for Android

This game is available in the Play Store and also in the App Store. It is good to indicate that in order for the official version to be played, an initial payment of $ 7.99 is required.

However, there are other applications found in the store such as the MOD-MASTER, same as the mod Maker for Minecraft and the Buildings in Minecraft which are completely free.

Download Minecraft

To download Minecraft to your iPhone and Android, do the following:

Enter the Play Store or the App Store and proceed to download the application

After downloading automatically, the application installation will start

When the process is finished, you will be able to open the application from the icon that is located on the main screen or it can also be done from the layer that contains the applications.

In order to play for the first time, proceed to enter the data corresponding to your Microsoft account, where you indicate your username and password.

From that moment you can start enjoying the Minecraft game from your mobile.

So Now you can start playing Minecraft from your iPhone and your mobile phone. You will notice that it is quite easy to use. Being a presentation that is faithful to the PC version, even though it is possible to find some slight differences.

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