How to download music from YouTube to listen to it offline?

Do you want to download music from YouTube? The Internet brought us a whole world of options for listen to music without spending enough or even carry it out for free. If it is within your options, the most optimal way to do it is through services in continuous use such as Spotify or Deezer, which allow artists to monetize their particular songs and create a flow of capital so that the music industry music continues to produce the hits we love.

However, if it is not within your economic options to pay for the subscription to these services, technology and the Internet offer other ways in which you can also listen to your favorite music, such as, among other things, play YouTube videos and simply enjoy of the hits.

We remember that we have an article that explains perfectly how download music in MP3 for your PC for free and fast.

But what if you want to listen to that music offline? The best way to do it is by downloading MP3 music on your PC, mobile device or audio player. And it is possible to carry it outfree way using some apps such as the two converters that we are going to suggest in this text and a third satisfaction intended for content developers that makes it easy to modify audios online without downloading any application on your PC.

How to download music from YouTube with Ontiva

How to download music from YouTube with Ontiva?

YouTube is the most special multimedia content organization interface, because it makes it easy for developers of all kinds to upload content in video format. This also applies to YouTube music and with resolutions like Ontiva you can get the audio of your favorite videos totally free in simple steps and at the click of a button.

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To use Ontiva, you have to search for the mentioned video on YouTube. Predominantly, select a video that is not the official one, such as a lyric video, among other things, from which you can comfortably obtain the audio without dragging the sound tracks that music videos usually integrate to offer more drama to the context of the song. .

After finding the correct video, copy the Internet address and paste it in the search bar of the Ontiva page and click on “Start now”. Once this is done, a list of formats will appear, among which those that correspond to audio and video appear. Naturally, if you only want the audio of the song, you simply have to proceed to the audio formats and choose MP3, select the quality that best suits you according to your hosting space and depending on whether you want it to have a better or worse conservation than the official version.

Once these simple procedures are completed, you just have to click on download and the song will be saved on your PC.

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How to download music from YouTube in MP3 with MP3download? is another powerful tool. Very similar to Ontiva, but with the difference that it is more focused on downloading audio, while Ontiva is more of a mixed interface. For this reason it is more advisable to use this second interface to download your songs in MP3 or in WAV or in some format that you like so much to listen to music or if you want to edit it later.

The development with MP3download is similar to that of Ontiva. You simply search for the video mentioned (preferably one other than the music video), copy the Internet address and paste it into the search bar. You click on the “Search” link and then you choose the format in which you want to download your song.

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Clicking on 'Download' will start the transformation development and, once finished, the audio will be downloaded to your PC and you will have the possibility to listen to it with your audio player.

Both Ontiva and MP3download work as online YouTube video converters, for which you can download a song to any gadget you want in the format that is most favorable for you and enjoy your favorite music.

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How to modify audios without downloading anything?

In the end, there is the opportunity to modify audios online without downloading any program on your PC, in addition to transforming images using a program on your PC. The tool that we show you is called evan, an application that is still in its infancy stage, but whose potential is colossal because it seeks to be a global multimedia editor.

For now it only provides simple functionality and the value is currently unusable. However, you can already use the freeware version to modify audio completely online. You simply go to their website, look for the audio editor in the corresponding menu and upload the clip you want to modify.

Once there you will have the possibility to modify the tracks that make up the file directly in your browser. When you are done you can download the file back to your PC. When Evano's trailer is complete, the commercial editions will offer the opportunity to modify audio, video and images.

This type of program is fundamentally useful for content developers who are starting out, for individuals who use other people's personal computers and do not want to have to have programs on a third-party gadget, and also for all those who wish to make quick edits to the files they will use. then for some other purpose.