How to enable WebGL in Google Chrome

How to enable WebGL in Google Chrome

Option 1: Browser on your computer

The WebGL technology in the Google Chrome Internet browser greatly improves graphics capabilities, allowing many complex elements, including 3D games, to run without the need for plug-ins. This function is initially in the activated state and cannot be deactivated, but only if the computer meets the minimum requirements.


To verify that your device and specific version of Chrome supports WebGL, copy and paste the above address in the address bar, and on the page that opens in the block «State of the graphic characteristics». find the lines that mention this library. In both cases marked by us there must be a legend next to at least one of the options "Accelerated Hardware"..

If for some reason WebGL is not supported, you can try updating your video card drivers. Another possibility is that this situation is due to the disabling of hardware acceleration, which blocks many important functions of the latest versions of Google Chrome.

Hardware acceleration

  1. Although the browser settings in question do not offer options for controlling WebGL, hardware acceleration can affect performance. For all functions to work correctly, they must first be enabled by displaying the main menu in the upper right corner of the window and selecting "Settings"..
  2. Scroll down the page to the subsection "Additional features" and find the block "System".. For your convenience, you can also use the help menu located on the left side of the browser options.
  3. Once you have solved the search, left click on the line "Use hardware acceleration (if available)" and check that the color of the slider has changed.
  4. You can complete the power-on procedure by using the button that appears "Restart". next to the specified slider or by manually restarting the program. This will trigger WebGL and many other hardware acceleration related features.

    Note that hardware acceleration is activated by default as soon as the browser is installed. Therefore, as an emergency measure, if something does not work well, you can resort to a complete reinstallation.

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WebGL 2.0 Computing

  1. In addition to the settings mentioned above, Google Chrome, as well as any Chromium-based web browser, has hidden settings, including those responsible for the operation of WebGL. To activate it, copy and paste the following code in the Chrome address bar and in the text box of the page that opens «Search flags» Get in . "WebGL".


  2. When you are on the account "Available"find the article "WebGL 2.0 Compute", expand the drop-down list "Disabled" to the right and set the value "Activated".. If done correctly, the function will be activated.
  3. Other than that, do the same with the other item "Draft WebGL extensions"setting the same value "Activated". As with hardware acceleration, you can finish the setup by rebooting with the "Relaunching". in the tooltip of the same page or manually.

After all the actions described, if your computer allows it, WebGL will be enabled. It is possible to convince yourself only by visiting the site with the mandatory requirements to support this library.

Option 2: Mobile app

The mobile version of the Google Chrome browser is technically almost the same as the PC program, which makes WebGL play no less of a role. In this case, the function should also be enabled by default, as can be seen on the page chrome://gpu/but proper operation on some sites may be hampered by experimental options that are in the disabled state.


  1. Use the above code to open the section of experimental Google Chrome features and press the button «Search flags». Specify as query "WebGL" and see the results in the tab "Available".
  2. Only one option will be available here "Draft WebGL extensions"below the block with which to press the button "Disabled". To activate the option, just select the value in the pop-up window "Activated"..

    With the button. "Relaunching". in the tooltip at the bottom of the screen, perform a relaunch. Sites and other items that require this library will now work correctly.

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