How to find my lost iPhone

How to find my lost iPhone

Have you lost and can't find your iPhone? This can be frustrating, but there are several ways to find it. This is what you can do:

Use the Find My App

The Find My [Devices] app is available to all iPhone users and does what it suggests: it helps you find your missing devices. You can use the app to correctly locate your device on a map, make it sound a beep if it's nearby, display a message on its screen so someone can contact you, and remotely lock or wipe it if you need to.

Activate Lost Mode

If you don't have access to or don't have the Find My [device] app installed, you can turn on Lost Mode on your device. This is very useful to help you find your lost phone. When you turn on Lost Mode, your iPhone will display a message on the screen so that someone who finds it can call you, and your device will also be locked so that no one can use it. Also, your device will inform you if someone changes the location of your lost iPhone.

Use third-party tracking tools

In addition to the Find My [device] app and Lost Mode, there are several third-party tools you can use to track your lost iPhone. These tools often have a variety of useful features, from location on a map to the option to make your device ring. Some therefore also offer the ability to lock and erase your iPhone if it goes missing. Here are some of the best third-party tracking tools available:

  • Tiles: This tracking tool allows users to add Tags to their devices so that they can be located. The user will be notified when a device is nearby and the location of the devices can be tracked.
  • Finderloop: This app offers device location tracking, plus the option to remotely lock and wipe devices to protect privacy. There is also a geo-fence feature to help users get notified when a device leaves an area.
  • Zoomback: This third party tracking app provides the option to track the devices by using GPS, GSM, Wifi and Bluetooth for accurate tracking. The app also offers the ability to track multiple devices at the same time, as well as the ability to remotely lock and wipe devices.

Here are some of the best ways to find your lost iPhone. If you have any other options to recover your iPhone, please share them with us in the comments.

What can I do to find a stolen locked iPhone?

If the iPhone is locked, unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to find it. The best option to recover a locked stolen iPhone is to report the incident to the relevant authorities and report that the device was stolen. Also, if you have enabled Find My iPhone in Your Apple ID, you can use the tool to help locate the device and lock it to prevent its use.

How can I locate a locked stolen iPhone?

If your iPhone has been stolen and is locked, there is a free tool you can use to locate it: Apple's Find My iPhone. This allows you to use any iOS device connected to the same iCloud account to track the lost or stolen device. With the Find My iPhone app, you can view your iPhone's location on a map, put the device in Lost Mode to send a sound alert, remotely lock the device, and even wipe the data on the device. To use the tool, you need to have Find My iPhone turned on on your device and have access to the iCloud account from which you manage it. If it's on, you can track the device from a computer, tablet, or iOS phone at The tool is also available to download as an app from the App Store for iOS devices, including the iPhone.

How to track a stolen iPhone that is locked?

If the stolen iPhone is locked, it is highly recommended that you contact the police service and report the theft. If your phone is linked to an iCloud account, you can remotely locate, lock, or wipe data on your phone using iCloud Location Services. This option will only be an effective tool if your phone is used connected to the internet. If the iPhone was stolen out of range of an internet connection, then iCloud Location Services cannot be used. However, if the phone comes back online, you can try to locate it. To do so, sign in to the iCloud account and use Find My iPhone to find the exact location of the phone. In addition, from Find My iPhone you can also remotely lock the phone, send a message to let the thief know that the device was stolen and that they must return it or erase all its data.

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