How to find out the ID of the Mi-account on your Xiaomi smartphone

How to find out the ID of the Mi-account on your Xiaomi smartphone

Method 1: MIUI Settings

To know and copy the digital ID of the MI account, which is linked to the Xiaomi smartphone and serves to access the services and functions of the manufacturer's ecosystem, the easiest thing is to see the information in the special section of the MIUI OS settings.

  1. In any usual way, that is, from the MIUI Desktop or from the system tray, go to "Settings". smartphone.
  2. Scroll through the list of OS parameter sections to the block "ACCOUNTS" and click on your first item - "My account".
  3. Visually, the identifier is found on the screen that opens to the right of the IM photographic profile assigned under the name specified in it.
  4. If the ID needs to be copied to the MIUI clipboard for any purpose, the screen "My account" tap the profile name or photo, then tap «My account ID» in the list that appears. "PERSONAL INFORMATION"..

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Method 2: Browser

Another method of viewing the data available to you My-account is done even if the account is not entered in the settings of the smartphone and is done through any browser - in fact, you just have to log in to a special section of the Xiaomi official website.

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  1. Open the site account.xiaomi.comby clicking on the following link in any web browser installed on your smartphone.

    Mi account authorization website through your browser

  2. If the English version of the account login web page opens, at the bottom, tap "..." to the right of the inscription "English" and then change to "Russian" language by selecting the appropriate item in the list that opens.
  3. In the first upper field of the area "Login account" Enter the phone number or email address associated with the account, and the account password in the second column. Then click "Log in"..
  4. The web page that opens displays Mi's profile data, and the ID you are looking for appears under the username as a set of numbers. By long pressing on the ID value, it can be highlighted and then placed on the MIUI clipboard by pressing "Copied." in the context menu that appears.

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