How to find the ProgramData folder in Windows 10

How to find the ProgramData folder in Windows 10

In the Windows family of operating systems, applications store service information in a separate folder called ProgramData under "ten." As it is a system folder, user access to it is restricted. Today we are going to tell you how you can bypass this restriction and find this directory.

Method 1: "Explorer".

The easiest option to open the desired directory is to use the file manager built into the operating system.

Option 1: Manual search

The first method consists of the user navigating by himself to the desired place.

  1. By default, the directory you are looking for is hidden, so you will have to make it visible. To do this, open "Explorer" and use the element "Vista". in the toolbar.

    Press «Show or hide» and mark the position "Hidden elements"..

  2. Open the root of the system drive - the directory with the name you are looking for should appear there.
  3. Done: ProgramData data is available for viewing and editing.

Option 2: Address bar

An alternative option is to navigate using the address bar.

  1. Call any window "Explorer". and left-click on the address input field.
  2. Delete the existing one and enter the next path, then press the arrow button or the key. "ENTER".

    C:UsersAll Users

  3. The directory will be open for viewing and editing.
  4. Option with. "The conductor of the orchestra". it is preferable in most cases.

Method 2: "Run"

If the method you use "Driver". for some reason it is not suitable, the tool can be used to achieve our goal today "Run"..

  1. Press the key combination Win + Rto open a window. Write a query in it:


    Check that it is correct and then press "AGREE"..

  2. The file manager window opens with the contents of the folder you are looking for.

Solve possible problems

It is not always possible to find or open the desired directory - in some cases you may encounter one or more additional problems. Let's see the most common.

There is no ProgramData in the root of the system drive

The directory you are looking for may be missing for various reasons.

  1. The first is that you have installed Windows recently and the programs that use ProgramData just haven't been installed yet.
  2. The folder may be among the protected files on the system and it is necessary to enable the display of this category of data to access it. Use toolbar items "Watch". - "Parameters". - "Change folder and search settings".

    Click on the tab "Vista"., scroll through the list. "Additional parameters" and uncheck the option "Hide protected system files"and then press "Apply". и "AGREE".. Repeat one of the instructions to access the desired directory.

  3. The ProgramData directory is often a target for malware, so its disappearance may be related to virus activity. If an infection is suspected, it is recommended to check the system using one of the methods described in the guide below.

    Lesson: Fight against computer viruses

When trying to edit the content of ProgramData an error occurs

The data within the folder in question belongs to various programs, which in turn can block access to it for the user. If you have an urgent need to change this information, you may need to change the owner.

Read more: Change the owner of a folder or file in Windows 10

Now you know how you can find the ProgramData folder on Windows 10 and how you can troubleshoot additional issues.

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