How to fish in Hades

How to fish in Hades. This game based on Greek mythology is becoming one of the best titles in the roguelite style. Zagreo, is the son of Hades who tries to find his real mother.

During this quest Zagreo will face his father's enemies, every time Zagreo dies he returns to the starting point. Rewards can be obtained in different ways that will facilitate your adventure, as is the case with fish for creatures that will give you a chance to get materials, if you want to know more continue reading this guide how to fish in hades.

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How to fish in Hades and unlock the rod

The first thing you should do is eliminate several bosses to get coins, which in this case are diamonds, once this is done to to get the fishing rod you just have to go to the contractor of the House of Hades and buy it for a single diamond, from now on the fishing rod will be with you throughout the adventure.

To fish in hades you should consider:

  • First, a fishing area can be opened in any area, within the four primary biomes Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysee, Chaos, Temple of Styx and Greece. You will recognize them because you will see a liquid mass of water or lava.
  • And second the area must be clearThis means not having any enemy around you that can eliminate you.
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If you sharpen your hearing you will be able to locate a fishing area, since a notification is heard as a “bing” bell. Then throw your rod and wait to hit the interaction button again at the right time. The latter can be recognized by:

  • The cork should sink completely, do not stay on the surface, depending on the time it is submerged you can get different fish.
  • If you have done everything correctly, you can go to the Chef in the House of Hades and deliver your catch.

Hades fish list

Hades Fish and Bounty List

You will then discover a complete list of fish in Hades, is divided into biomes and the rewards you can get:

  • Tartarus: Hellfish (5 gems), Knucklehead (20 gems) and Scyllascion (30 gems)
  • Asphodel: Slavug (1 chthonic keys), Chrustacean (3 chthonic keys) and Flameater (5 chthonic keys)
  • Elysium: Chlam (1 nectar), Charp (2x nectar) and Seamare (3x nectar)
  • Styx Temple: Gupp (20 gems), Scuffer (40 gems) and Seamare (150 gems)
  • Chaos: Locating a fishing area in this biome is a bit more complicated, but the reward is also higher: Mati (100 Dark), Projelly (250 Dark) and Voidskate (500 Dark).

As a conclusion we can indicate that the rewards improve, the more difficult it is to find the fish.

That's all you need about how to fish in hades. In this game you will face numerous challenges if you need help you can read more articles here.

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