How to fix error 504 in Google Play Store

How to fix error 504 in Google Play Store

Google Play Market, being one of the most important components of the Android operating system, does not always work properly. Sometimes you can find all kinds of problems while using it. Among them is a nasty error with the 504 code, which today we tell you how to fix.

Error code: 504 in Play Store

Most of the time, the indicated error occurs when installing or updating Google-branded applications and some third-party programs that require account registration and/or authorization for use. The troubleshooting algorithm depends on the cause of the problem, but for the most effective action it should be complex and follow all the recommendations given below in turn until the error code 504 in Google Play Store disappears

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Method 1: Check your Internet connection

It is very possible that there is no serious reason behind the problem we are discussing, and that the application is not installed or updated solely because your device has no Internet connection or is unstable. Consequently, the first thing you should do is connect to Wi-Fi or find a place with good quality and stable 4G coverage and then restart the download of the application with which the 504 error occurred. The following articles from our website will help you do all of this, as well as troubleshoot potential problems with your Internet connection.

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Method 2: Set the date and time

A seemingly trivial little thing like a wrong time and date can have an extremely negative impact on the entire Android operating system. The inability to install and / or update an application, accompanied by a 504 code, is just one of the possible consequences.

Smartphones and tablets have long determined the current date and time zone automatically, so the default values ​​set should not be changed unnecessarily. Our task in this phase is to check if they are well adjusted.

    1. Open "Settings". from your mobile device and go to "Date and Time". In current versions of Android it is located in "System" - last in the list of available.
    2. Make sure that the date, time, and time zone are detected by the network, and if not, activate automatic detection by setting the corresponding switches to the active position. Countryside «Select time zone». it must not be modifiable.
    3. Restart the device, launch Google Play Market and try to install and / or update the application that previously gave the error.

If you see the message with code 504 again, go to the next step: we will take a more drastic action.

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Method 3: Clear Cache, Data, and Delete Updates

Google Play Market is just one link in the chain called Android. The application store, and together with it Google Play Services and Google Services Framework, over the course of a long period of use, becomes covered in file garbage - cache and data that can interfere with the normal functioning of the operating system and its components. . If this is the reason for the 504 error, you must take the following actions.

    1. В "Settings". on your mobile device, open the section «Applications and notifications» (Or simply "Applications"., depending on the version of Android), and in it go to the list of all installed applications (a separate item is provided for this purpose).
    2. Search for Google Play Market in this list and click on it.
      Navigate to "Storage".and then alternately press the buttons "Clear cache." и "Delete data".. In the pop-up with the question, provide your consent to delete.
    3. Go back one more step, that is, to the page "On request".and click on the button «Delete updates». (can be hidden in the menu - three vertical dots located in the upper right corner) and confirm your strong intentions.
    4. Now repeat steps # 2-3 for Google Play Services and Google Services Framework apps, that is, clear your cache, clear your data, and remove updates. There are a couple of important nuances here:
      • Button to delete the data from the Services in the section "Storage". it is not, and in its place is "Management of places".. Click on it, and then "Clear all data."located at the bottom of the page. In the pop-up window, confirm your consent to the deletion.
      • Google Services Framework is a system process that is hidden in the list of all installed applications by default. To display it, click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the panel "Request details".and select the item "Show system processes".
        The following steps are the same as for Play Market, except that updates to this shell cannot be removed.
    5. Restart your Android device, launch Google Play Market and check the error - most likely it will be resolved.
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Most of the time, clearing the Google Play Market and Google Play Services data and reverting to the original version (removing an update) can get rid of most of the "number" errors in the store.

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Method 4: Restart and / or uninstall the problematic application

In case the 504 error has not yet been resolved, the cause of the error should be searched directly in the application. Reinstalling or restarting is likely to help. The latter is applicable to standard Android components that are built into the operating system and cannot be uninstalled.

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  1. Uninstall a potentially problematic app if it is a third-party product,

    or reset it by repeating steps # 1-3 from the above method if it is pre-installed.

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  2. Restart your mobile device and then open Google Play Market and install the uninstalled application or try updating the default application if it has been reset.
  3. As long as you've followed all the steps in the three methods above and the ones we've suggested here, the 504 error should almost certainly go away.

Method 5: Delete and add a Google account

The last thing you can do to combat the problem we are considering is to delete the Google account that you use as the main account on your mobile phone or tablet and reconnect it. Before doing so, make sure you know your username (email or mobile number) and password. We have already talked about the algorithm of actions to be carried out in other articles, and we recommend reading it.

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Unlike many problems and glitches in the Google Play Market, the error with the 504 code cannot be called simple. Even so, following the recommendations that we offer in this article, you are guaranteed that you will be able to install or update the application.

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