How to fix the "APPCRASH" error in Windows 7

How to fix the "APPCRASH" error in Windows 7

One of the errors that Windows 7 users may encounter when starting or installing programs is "APPCRASH problem event name". This usually happens when using games and other "heavy" applications. Let's find out the causes and remedies for this computer problem.

Causes of «APPCRASH» and solutions to the error

The immediate causes of "APPCRRASH" can vary, but what they all have in common is that this error occurs when the power or characteristics of the hardware or software components of the computer do not meet the minimum required to run a certain application. Therefore, this error occurs more frequently when activating applications with high system requirements.

In some cases, the problem can only be eliminated by replacing the hardware components of the computer (CPU, RAM, etc.) whose characteristics are below the minimum requirements of the application. But it is often possible to correct the situation without such drastic actions, simply by installing the necessary software component, configuring the system correctly, removing unnecessary load, or performing other manipulations within the operating system. These are the ways to solve the problem mentioned above and they will be discussed in this article.

Method 1: Install the required components

Very often the "APPCRASH" error occurs because some Microsoft components necessary to run a certain application are not installed on your computer. Most of the time the problem is due to the lack of current versions of the following components:

Follow the links in the list and install the necessary components on the PC, following the recommendations given by "Installation wizard". during the installation procedure.

Before downloading. "Visual C ++ 2013 redist" You will need to choose your type of operating system (32 or 64 bit) on the Microsoft site and check the "Vcredist_x86.exe" o "Vcredist_x64.exe".

After installing each component, restart your computer and check how the problematic application works. For your convenience, we have arranged the download links in descending order of the frequency of appearance of "APPCRASH" due to the lack of a particular component. In other words, the problem occurs more frequently because the PC does not have the latest version of DirectX.

Method 2: Disable the service

"APPCRASH" can occur at the start of some applications if the service is activated "Windows Management Toolbox". In this case, the specified service must be disabled.

  1. Click on "Starts". and go to "Control Panel"..
  2. Click on "Security system"..
  3. Find a section "Administration". and enter it.
  4. In the window. "Administration". opens a list of various Windows tools. Find the article "Services". and click on the indicated title.
  5. Throwing of "Service manager".. To make it easier to find the desired component, sort all the items in the list alphabetically. To do this, click on the column name "Name".. Finding the name in the list "Windows Management Toolbox".Pay attention to the status of this service. If you see it in the "Condition" attribute is set. "Working".you must deactivate the specified component. To do this, double-click the name of the component.
  6. The service properties window opens. Click on the field "Startup type".. From the list that appears, select an option "Disabled".. Then click "Lay off"., "Apply". и "AGREE"..
  7. Go back to… "Service manager".. As you can see, now in front of the name "Windows Management Toolbox". attribute "It works". is missing, and the attribute will be put in place "Suspension".. Restart your computer and try to restart the problematic application.
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Method 3: Check the Integrity of Windows System Files

One of the causes of "APPCRASH" may be corruption of the integrity of Windows system files. Next, you need to scan the system with the built-in utility "SFC" for the above problem and correct it if necessary.

  1. If you have the disk Windows 7 installation With the instance of the operating system installed on your computer, be sure to insert it into the disk drive before starting the procedure. This will not only allow you to detect violations of the integrity of system files, but also correct errors if they are detected.
  2. Then click "Starts".. Click on the inscription "All the programs"..
  3. Go to folder "Standard"..
  4. Find the article. Command Prompt. and right-click (PCM) click on the. In the list, select from "Execute as an administrator"..
  5. The interface opens. "Command line".. Enter that expression:sfc /scannow

    Click on I went into.

  6. The utility starts up. "SFC"It scans system files for integrity and errors. The progress of this operation is immediately displayed on the "Command Prompt" window. as a percentage of the total volume of tasks.
  7. Upon completion of the operation in. "Command line". A message appears stating that no violation of the integrity of the system files has been detected, or information about the errors with their detailed decoding. In case you have previously inserted the operating system installation disc in the drive, all errors will be corrected automatically when detected. Make sure to restart your computer afterwards.

There are other ways to check the integrity of system files, which are covered in another lesson.

Lesson: Checking the integrity of system files in Windows 7

Method 4: Resolve compatibility issues

Sometimes the "APPCRASH" error can be formed due to compatibility issues, that is, simply, if the program you are running does not match the version of your operating system. If the problematic application requires a newer version of the operating system, such as Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, there is nothing you can do about it. To run it, you will have to install the type of operating system required or at least its emulator. But if the application is designed for older operating systems and therefore conflicts with Windows 7, the problem is quite easy to fix.

  1. Open "The conductor of the orchestra". in the directory where the executable file of the problematic application is located. Click on the PCM and select "Properties"..
  2. The file properties window opens. Skip to section "Compatibility"..
  3. In the block. "Compatibility mode". check the box next to the position "Run the program in compatibility mode ...". In the drop-down list, which will be activated next, select the version of the operating system that is compatible with the application to be run. In most cases of these errors, select the item "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)".. Also check the box next to "Run this program as administrator.". Then click "Apply". и "AGREE"..
  4. Now you can run the application using the standard method, by double-clicking its executable file with the left mouse button.

Method 5: Update the drivers

One of the reasons for "APPCRASH" may be the fact that your PC has outdated video card drivers installed or, much less frequently, sound card drivers. Next, the corresponding components must be updated.

  1. Ir a "Control panels".called "Security system".. The algorithm for this transition has been described by considering 2 method.. Then click on the title "Device administrator"..
  2. The interface starts up. "Device administrator". Click on "Video adapters"..
  3. The list of video cards connected to the computer opens. Click on PCM in the item name and select from the list "Update drivers ...".
  4. The update window opens. Click on the position "Automatically search for drivers ...".
  5. Next, the driver update procedure will be executed. If you cannot update this way, go to the official website of your video card manufacturer, download the driver from there, and run it. The same procedure must be carried out with each device that appears in "Manager". in the block "Video adapters".. Don't forget to restart your PC after installation.

Sound card drivers are updated in the same way. Only to do it you have to go to "Sound, video and game devices". and update each object in this group in turn.

If you do not consider yourself an experienced user to perform driver updates in this way, you can use specialized software - DriverPack Solution - to perform the above procedure. This application will scan your computer for outdated drivers and offer to install the latest versions. In this case, it will not only make the task easier, but it will save the trouble of searching "Device administrator". the specific item that needs to be updated. The program will do all of this automatically.

Lesson: Update Your PC Drivers With DriverPack Solution

Method 6: Remove Cyrillic Characters from Program Folder Path

Sometimes it happens that the cause of the "APPCRASH" error is an attempt to install a program in a directory whose path contains characters that are not included in the Latin alphabet. For example, users often type directory names in Cyrillic, but not all objects placed in that directory can function correctly. In this case, it is necessary to reinstall them in a folder whose path does not contain Cyrillic characters or characters other than Latin.

  1. If you have already installed the program, but it does not work correctly, giving an "APPCRASH" error, uninstall it.
  2. Navigate with "Explorer". to the root directory of any disk where no operating system is installed. Since the operating system is almost always installed on the drive CYou can select any partition on the drive other than the above option. Click on PCM in the empty space of the window and select a position "Create".. In the additional menu navigate to "File"..
  3. When you create a folder, give it whatever name you want, but on the condition that it consists only of characters from the Latin alphabet.
  4. Now reinstall the problematic application in the created folder. To do this in "Installation wizard". In the appropriate installation step, specify this directory as the one that contains the executable file for the application. In the future, always install the programs with the problem "APPCRASH" in this directory.

Method 7: Registry Cleanup

Sometimes the removal of the "APPCRASH" error can be aided by such a trivial method as cleaning the system registry. There are quite a few programs for this purpose, but one of the best solutions is CCleaner.

  1. Run CCleaner. Hate "Record". and click on the button "Look for problems.".
  2. The system registry scan procedure will start.
  3. Once the process is complete, the CCleaner window will display the erroneous registry entries. To remove them, click "Fix…".
  4. A window opens asking you to back up the registry. This is in case the program deletes an important entry by mistake. Then it will be possible to restore it again. Therefore, it is recommended to click on the button in the specified window "Yes"..
  5. The save backup window opens. Navigate to the directory where you want to store the backup and click "Save"..
  6. In the next window, click the button "Correct marking.".
  7. After this, all the registry errors will be corrected and a message will be displayed in CCleaner.

There are other registry cleaning tools that are described in another article.

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Method 8: Disable DEP

Windows 7 has a DEP feature that is used to protect your PC from malicious code. But sometimes it is the main cause of "APPCRASH." It should then be disabled for the problematic app.

  1. Go to the section "Security system"available in "Control panels".. Click on "System"..
  2. Click on "Advanced system settings".
  3. Now in the group. "Fast performance". click on "Options ...".
  4. In the command prompt that starts, go to the section "Avoid data execution".
  5. In the new window, move the radio button to enable DEP for all objects except selected ones. Then click "Add…".
  6. A window opens in which you have to navigate to the directory where the executable file of the problematic program is located, select it and click on "Opened".
  7. Once the name of the selected program appears in the performance settings window, click "Apply". и "AGREE"..

Now you can try to run the application

Method 9: disable antivirus

Another reason for the "APPCRASH" error is that the application you are running conflicts with an antivirus program that is installed on your computer. To check if this is the case, it makes sense to temporarily disable your antivirus. In some cases, for the correct functioning of the application it may be necessary to completely uninstall the antivirus software.

Each antivirus has its own deactivation and uninstallation algorithm.

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It is important to remember that you cannot leave your computer without antivirus protection for a long time, so it is essential to install a similar program that does not conflict with other software as soon as possible after uninstalling the antivirus.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why the "APPCRASH" error can occur when running certain programs in Windows 7. But all of them are due to incompatibility of the running software with some software or hardware component. Of course, to solve the problem, it is best to identify the immediate cause immediately. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible. Therefore, if you come across the above error, we advise you to simply apply all the methods listed in this article until the problem is completely eliminated.

We are glad that we were able to help you resolve the issue.

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