How to Get a Digital Certificate

How to Get a Digital Certificate?

A digital certificate is an essential complement for users of the digital world. They are directly related to financial transactions and are intended to guarantee the security and authenticity of operations. To obtain a digital certificate, the following is necessary:

1. Choose a Certification Authority

One of the first steps to obtain a digital certificate is to choose the certifying body with which you want to carry out the operation. You must ensure that you select a trusted certificate authority that meets your security and reliability requirements. In Spain There are different certifying authorities that can be consulted under the European eIDAS standard.

2. Register and Upload the Documents

Once you have selected a certificate authority, the next thing to do is logged. Here, you will need to supply basic personal information such as name, email address, and address. Most of the steps below will be done automatically. The next step is to upload the necessary documents for verification. These documents will generally be related to personal identification and address certificates.

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3. Pay the Application Fee

Most certifying authorities charge a fee to register. This application fee generally varies depending on the certifying authority selected. You need to browse the website of the selected certifying authority to get the details of the application fee.

4. Verify Identity

After you upload the required documents, the certifying authority will validate those documents to verify your identity. Once verification is complete, you will be given a certificate signing contract. The signature contract is an important document that you must sign digitally.

5. Generate a Signature Key

Once you have signed the signature contract and the certificate authority has verified your details, you will need to generate a key to digitally sign documents. This key usually consists of 8 digits and is known as the Signature Key.

7. Receive your Certificate

After completing all the steps above, you will receive an email from the certificate authority with the digital certificate. The digital certificate is sent in .p12 or .pem format, which you can access with a password that will be given to you. From that point, you can use the digital certificate to make secure electronic transactions.

8. Install the Digital Certificate

After you receive your digital certificate by email, you will need to install it on your computer. Installation is often easy to do. Some installation programs can be downloaded directly from the certification authority's website. Once installed, you can now use the digital certificate to carry out transactions safely.

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As you can see, obtaining a digital certificate is a simple and straightforward process. If you follow the previous steps step by step, in a short time you will have your digital certificate to make electronic transactions safely.

How do you request a digital certificate?

To obtain a digital certificate, you first need to contact a certificate authority (CA). This entity is in charge of validating the identity of the applicant. Then, the applicant must complete a digital certificate request with her personal data. This is done through a web request, provided by the CA. The last step is to submit some form of proper identification, to verify the identity of the applicant. After receiving and reviewing the request, the CA will issue the digital certificate.

What documents do I need to present in order to request a digital certificate?

To request a digital certificate you will have to present the following documents: Identity document (DNI/NIE/Passport), proof of address (lowering a receipt, electricity, water, telephone bill, etc.) and proof of your professional activity (some professional card, self-employed certificate, etc.). All these documents must be presented in original and legalized.

How long does it take to get a digital certificate?

The term to receive the digital certificate depends on the CA and the type of certificate requested. In general, certificates are issued and authorized in a matter of hours or even minutes. However, some electronic certificates, such as public key certificates, may take up to a few days to arrive.

What is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate is a computer document issued by a certifying entity, which contains a private key associated with a digital identity. This digital identity allows authentication, document signing and verification from a device. A digital certificate provides a level of security to online information exchanges and business processes, as it makes it easier for users to verify the origin of a message, the sender's identity, or its content. This results in greater trust between the participants in the transactions.

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