How to get a group or chat ID on Telegram

How to get a group or chat ID on Telegram

Important information

Obtaining the chat_id in Telegram is only possible by third-party means, as this functionality has been removed from the messenger for security reasons.

Method 1: Get my ID

You can use bots, like Get My ID, to get a group ID. Like most solutions, this works the same for the desktop app and the Android and iOS versions. In the following example we will use the PC client.

    1. Launch the app, go to the search box above the chat list, and type getmyid_bot. The generated results will appear then click on the markup in the screenshot.
    2. Then click "Run"..
    3. Once you start the bot, it will show your user ID and the corresponding value to chat with - if this message is received, everything is working normally.
    4. To get the chat ID of a particular conversation, you will have to forward any messages from that conversation. Open the desired dialog, find the desired item, right-click and select "Forwarding message.".On the recipient selection screen, enter Get my id.

      A dialog will open with the bot - here click the button to send the message.

    5. To determine the exact ID, you'll also need to send the bot an invitation link to the target chat. To get it in public chats, go to the corresponding dialog and click on the three dots on the right, select the item "Group information".

      The link is the first element of the group properties and necessarily begins with Copy the sequence that follows the slash character (/).

    6. Go back to the dialogue with the bot, paste the received link into the message field, removing everything unnecessary (before the slash), and instead type @. Check that the information has been entered correctly and submit it.
    7. Then the identification message will appear, only this time with additional values.

This bot usually works correctly, but it is unable to detect the IDs of private and some public chats.

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Method 2: UserInfo

The next bot that solves the problem is called UserInfo.

  1. Add the bot to your dialog list using the algorithm of the previous method, the query is @userinfobot.
  2. After opening the dialog, forward the message of the chat room whose ID you want to receive. The action is the same as step 4 of Mode 1.
  3. The bot will provide a short summary of the link, ID, and name of the displayed chat.

This solution is not functionally different from the previous one, other similar tools have similar capabilities.

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