How to get all weapons in Hades

How to get all weapons in Hades. To overcome the different challenges that Hades presents, you will have a series of weapons. In total there are six different weapons that you can unlock, and in turn each one of them presents four different aspects that improve their offensive capacity. Next, we explain how to get all weapons in Hades.

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How to get all weapons in Hades and skins

Hades is a roguelike in which its protagonist Zagreo must overcome a series of challenges in the different biomes to get out of the underworld. To achieve this, it has 6 weapons, each of them has 4 different aspects, in which it changes its appearance and also improves its attack. The higher your skin level, the more effective your attack and bonus are.

Weapons guide in Hades

  • Stygian Sword  

    • It is the first weapon that you will find in the game.
    • You should use 5 Blood of Titan before reaching its final appearance.
    • After that talk to nyx, during the conversation it will reveal a phrase to you.
    • Use this phrase to unlock the Stygian Sword and achieve his Guan Yu skin.
  • Varatea spear

    • It can be unlocked using 4 chthonic keys.
    • First you must buy the list of lesser omens of the contractor of the house of Hades.
    • Eliminate Hades.
    • Use 5 Blood of Titan on the spear.
    • Talk to Achilles who will reveal a phrase to you.
    • Use it to unlock Guan Yu's final weapon form.
  • Heartclava Bow

    • It can be unlocked with 1 chthonic key.
    • Then use 5 units of Blood of Titan on the spear to unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu.
    • After talk to the goddess Artemis with the bow equipped. This will manifest some words necessary to unlock the aspect of Rama of this weapon.
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weapons in hades
Stygian - Varatea - Aegis - Coronacto - Malfon - Exagryph
  • Aegis Shield

    • Unlocked at use 3 chthonic keys.
    • The final appearance of the shield is that of Beowulf
    • You must use 5 Blood of Titan on the shield to get his Guan Yu skin.
    • Talk to Chaos, to announce the phrase that will unlock the Aspect of Beowulf.
  • Malfon twin cuffs

    • You have to use 8 Chthonic Keys, in addition to unlocking the previous weapons.
    • Use 5 units of Titan's Blood to unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu.
    • Later, while fighting with Asterion will reveal a phrase that you can use to unlock the Gilgamesh Aspect. the final look of the weapon.
  • Exagrifo - Adamantine Canyon

    • You will need 8 chthonic keys and all weapons unlocked.
    • To unlock the Guan Yu aspect of the spear, you have to use 5 Blood of Titan.
    • To get the phrase you must talk to Zeus, once obtained it will unlock the Lucifer Aspect.

Obtaining these weapons will not be easy since you have to go all over the underworld and find the corresponding keys to unlock each one. To help you we have prepared this short guide on how to get all weapons in Hades. If you need help you can read this guide on how to unlock companions in Hades.

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