How to hack to have free NETFLIX in 2022

We are going to tell you how you can hack netflix easily and that in this way, you can enjoy it on your iOs, Smart television or PC. You won't need an APK file or anything like that. Even with Kali Linux or Bins, these very effective tricks that we have in front of you will work for you, but first... let's talk about the history of Netflix that you will surely like to know.

Until recently, Netflix, an entertainment company around the world, let all the new clients of the platform take advantage of the one-month free trial to be able to watch movies and TV series, and then choose whether they want to subscribe or not. Come on, you could be creating an account from month to month and not paying a single radish.

But since April 2019, however, the US public company decided to officially remove this alternative in Spain, making available only the opportunity to subscribe to the service through three types of rates: Basic, Level and Premium.

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The most common subscription has a value per month of €7.99, the most superior of €11.99, while the Premium edition costs €15.99 / month. What distinguishes these three types of subscriptions is the opportunity to use Netflix simultaneously on multiple monitors and also get better image quality.

However, when doing so, at the moment there is no direct and official procedure to be able to watch Netflix freely and for free, but beyond this, some services are accessible, offered by third-party collaborative companies, which still allow you to benefit from a short or moderate time to try. At this point, let's find out how to get free Netflix!

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Warning: and the creator of this article do not assume any commitment for the use of the sites in this guide, which is for informational purposes only. We emphasize that downloading content protected by creator rights is illegal, as is the free streaming of on-demand sites that need a subscription: the piracy is a crime .

How to get free Netflix

At this time we look at how to have free Netflix and what are the methods currently available.

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How to get Netflix for free: promotions from telephone operators

The national telephone operators, like Vodafone and Movistar, propose a first way, which makes it easier for you to have Netflix freely and free of charge. In fact, these entities give one or more free months to all new users. Currently, Vodafone gives 6 months from Netflix to everyone who buys the Giga Network Fibra offer: to take advantage of this promotion, after making the purchase, simply connect to the Vodafone page and click on the link «Activate Netflix«.

In addition, there is an opportunity for convenient new promotions to pop up every week, which is why we suggest all interested parties monitor the home pages of the various telephone operators, paying particular attention to similar parties with Internet subscriptions, such as fiber or ADSL.

How to get free Netflix: communicate accounts

After investigating the procedures offered by telephone operators, let us observe how have netflix freely and freely, or rather for free, subscribing to the subscription and sharing it with friends . First, let's better distinguish the three available configurations:

  • Basic subscription: 1 SD screen (display on 1 gadget at a time, in standard definition) at a value of € 7.99 / month;
  • Standard subscription: 2 HD screens (display on 2 gadgets at the same time, in HD if available) at a value of €11.99 / month;
  • premium subscription: 4 HD / Ultra HD 4K screens (display on 4 gadgets at the same time, in HD and ultra HD, if available) at a value of € 15.99 / month.

Warning: Once you have chosen your preferred plan, you can change it at any time from the Account page, located in the Personal Area of ​​your Netflix profile.

On the basis of all the above, let us now understand what are the similar virtues with the activation of the subscription in relation to communicating the account , or when more people enter with the same data. Precisely, the version elementary is the most problem , since only one at a time can enter the transmission interface and, in addition, you must leave the HD, for which our advice is to undertake your selections in the subscriptions level and more than anything Premium: in the first case, in fact, by having the opportunity to enter two different screens simultaneously, it is possible to communicate what another person has and then make the payments of €6 each, for a total of €11.99 expected, and consequently store against elemental editing. Additionally, these costs have a chance of being halved if split between 4 individuals, as long as they access a higher than two at a time.

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However the true virtue is the Premium subscription , since there is the opportunity to watch movies and tv series using up to 4 screens simultaneously : this means that the €15,99 would be divided between 4 people, all of whom would pay precisely € 4 per month , having the added possibility of exploiting 4K and, therefore, the image with the best quality.

There are some services that allow you to communicate your account with other people, like TogheterPrice. In the TogheterPrice situation, the service reimburses the part of the main creator of the barter group, for which you have the opportunity to have a free shared subscription .

How to get free Netflix: VPN

As said before, the free trial month has been eliminated in Spain, so it is still viable. illegally , avoid the inconvenience and have free Netflix, simply by modifying the VPN and then the IP address. In other expressions, changing this address means emulating a connection from another point on the planet. This makes it easy for you to fix the problem by choosing one of the countries where the free month is usable.

However, be careful, because the higher VPNs are commonly paid, even at low value, so at this point we must take into account if it really deserves to continue with this procedure. In addition, Netflix is ​​aware of the use of VPNs and, consequently, the blocks established by the American company to combat illegalities worldwide are growing.

How to get free Netflix: Telegram

inclusive Telegram, although illegally, can be considered a useful utility for have Netflix freely and free. Here, in fact, there are usually several links that allow you to enter various streaming sites for movies and TV series. These links are released on some channels by the account owners.

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How to Get Free Netflix: Streaming Sites and Torrents

Also you can find all the Netflix sampling on top streaming sites or by searching the special torrent sites.