How to inspect element by mobile

How to inspect element by mobile. It is possible to access the “inspect element” option from your Android phone through the Chrome browser. The function allows the user visualize the HTML and CSS codes used in the development of a web page and copy these contents to make changes in external environments.

The inspection can be done through changes to the website URL or through external applications such as inspect and edit html live.

From ik4 We show you how to inspect the item by mobile phone in two different ways.

How to inspect elements by android and app

how to inspect elements from the mobile step by step

How to inspect element using android browser

  1. To inspect an element through the browser, open the browser and go to the site you want to analyze.
  2. Click on the address bar and add the term «view-source:» before the URL. In this example, the address looks like this: view-source:
  3. Now the codes used on the page will appear on the screen.

How to inspect elements by application Inspect and edit HTML

  1. To inspect an item using external apps, open the app Inspect and edit HTML, available in Google Play Store and enter the desired address in the top bar.
  2. With the website open, tap the «Inspection", indicated by the hand icon, next to the address bar. It will turn blue when activated. Then tap the element on the page you want to inspect.
  3. view on screen the codes used in that element.

Ready. Now you know how to inspect elements on mobile devices. If you now want to learn what is the best programming language for your purposes, keep browsing.

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