How to install Google Play Market on your Meizu mobile phone

How to install Google Play Market on your Meizu mobile phone

The first action that most smartphone users take after determining initial Android settings is to install all the necessary applications later. The most comfortable and safe way is to install software from Google Play Market, but on some Android devices, especially those produced by MEIZU, this service is not available initially due to the lack of integration of the Google application store and related services in the official FlymeOS firmware. The material below offers two ways to solve the problem, whereby every MEIZU owner can get all the usual functions on their device.

Options to install Google Play Market on MEIZU

Despite the fact that Meizu's policy is not to equip the FlymeOS operating system with Google services, it is possible to install them, including Play Market, on the manufacturer's mobile phones with almost no problems. Two methods of operation intended for different categories of users are described below. The first method will suit virtually all Meizu device owners, and the second may be of interest to those who are experimenting with unofficial modified builds of FlymeOS firmware.

Method 1: Google Apps Installer

The easiest and most popular tool that provides the ability to get Play Market on a mobile phone running FlymeOS is the Google Apps Installer from the developer SilverLingziCK. In addition, this tool integrates into the firmware the Google Play services necessary for the normal operation of the store, as well as the modules that allow the authentication of the Google account and the synchronization of data (for example, contacts) with the account. .

Step 1: Obtain and install the GMS installer

Before proceeding with the deployment of Google services and the installation of the Play Store using the tool in question, the Flyme Google Installer itself must be downloaded and installed on the mobile phone. To solve this task you must follow one of the two algorithms:

  1. For the users. {"global" (G,Global)FlymeOS Firmware:
  2. For users of "Chinese" builds (Y, A, etc.) of FlymeOS.
    In general, the procedure of obtaining the installer from the Play Store and the necessary Google services repeats the instructions above for the Global firmware, but may be difficult due to the lack of Russian localization of the "Chinese" interface Meizu App Store and an algorithm different app search in this variant of the store.

    • Launch the Meizu App Store by tapping the application icon on the FlymeOS desktop. In the search box at the top of the screen, enter your query "Google".and then press "Search".
    • The list of applications available for download includes the tool we need, only its name is in Chinese characters, so browse the application icon. Take a look at the screenshot below, find a similar marked icon among the search results (usually located at the top of the list) and click on it.
    • In the instrument details page that opens, press "Install". and wait for the download to complete,
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and then install the package.

Step 2: Install Play Market and Google services

Since when obtaining the GMS installer from different Meizu application stores (global or Chinese), we are installing different versions of the tool, the process of integration of Google and Play Market services in the Flume operating system by the Meizu mobile phone users with global and Chinese firmware is also slightly different. Let's consider both options.

  1. Localized installer.
    • Open "Google Apps Installer"By clicking on the tool icon on the Desktop. Then click "Install". and wait for all the modules to be added to the operating system one by one.
    • When finished, the Google services installer will ask you to restart your mobile phone, you must confirm this action.
    • As a result, Meizu will have all the components to access the Play Market and other useful services of the "corporation of good."
  2. "Chinese" installer.
    • Launch the app. "GMS Installer" - Its icon will appear on the Flyme desktop after installation as a result of the previous step in these guidelines. First installation "Google Service". - press the button. "Install" and wait for the software to perform all the necessary manipulations. This will automatically restart your mobile phone.
    • Open the HMS installer again and click the link "Install Play Store".which will start the installation process Google Play Store.
    • After the installation procedure is completed, the link «Open Play Store», tap it to launch Play Store. Now you can go to access your Google account. It is better to use the username and password obtained in advance, but the registration of a new account in the usual way is also available.
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Method 2: OpenGapps

Experienced Meizu smartphone users to get PlayMarket and other Google services can apply the component package created and distributed by the project participants OpenGapps. You can find out what this product is and how custom firmware lovers use it on various Android devices from the material on our website, available here:

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Certain features of the Meizu (locked bootloader) and FlymeOS devices make the installation of the OpenGapps package unfeasible on most of the manufacturer's devices using the methods described in the article from the link above, but following the instructions detailed below and Using third-party developer software tools, you can get the desired PlayMarket and related Google services.

To get a positive result from following the instructions, you need to have root rights activated and SuperSU installed on your Meizu mobile phone!

  1. Download and install from FlymeOS AppSU pre-installed on FlymeOS Flashfire. To do this, enter the name of the tool in the search field of the store and search for its page, then press "Install".and wait for the installation process to complete.
  2. Download the OpenGapps package from the project's official website, corresponding to the hardware specifications of the device and the version of Android on which the FlyMOS is based. The resource is available at the following link Download OpenGapps to integrate Google services in FlymeOS of Meizu mobile phones

    Put the downloaded package in the phone's internal memory or removable storage.

  3. Start FlashFire and grant the tool superuser privileges.
  4. Press the circular button "+" on the main page of the FlashFair application. Then select an option from the open list "Flash ZIP or OTA". and specify the path of the OpenGapps zip file.
  5. Make sure the box is checked. "Mount / read / write system" windows "Options"If it is not present, install it. Tap the checkbox image at the top of the screen on the right side. Next, check that the home screen corresponds to the screenshot (3) below and tap to start integrating Google services into your mobile phone's operating system "FLASH"..
  6. Confirm the request to be ready to start manipulation by tapping "OKAY". in the displayed window. Other processes are performed automatically by FlashFair and do not require any intervention. The device will reboot and stop responding to user actions, and its screen will display information about ongoing operations.
  7. Wait for FlashFire to complete - Android on the smartphone will start automatically, you can then declare the presence of Play Market in the system, and then proceed to use the Google store and other services / applications.

As you can see, getting Google Play Market on Meizu smartphones, although it involves third-party financing and requires some not quite standard with most other Android devices, is generally done by following a few simple steps. The most popular Android app store can be installed by all users of devices with FlymeOS on board, just follow the proven instructions carefully.

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