How to tell if a phone is on without calling

How to tell if a phone is on without calling

If you try to call a person several times but it is always unreachable, then surely you are interested in knowing how to tell if a phone is on without calling. In the next few lines, we will list a number of solutions that will be used both in Android that iOSthe two most popular mobile operating systems on the market.

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How to know if a phone is on without calling with WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications on the market that has become the property of Facebook For some time. The main function of this software is to allow the user send messages (both in writing and spoken), calls and video calls and much more. In addition to, the messaging application allows you to see if a user is connected and if a sent message has been delivered and / or read.

It is precisely these last characteristics that are integrated into Whatsappwill allow you to see if a mobile phone is on. The first information you can use is to check if the contact is en línea. You just have to open the application on your mobile phone Android o iPhoneAccess the conversation of the person and see if it says under their name at the top Online. This means that at that moment the user is using the instant messaging software. In case Online does not appear, however Whatsapp shows the date and time of the last connection, always below the user's name.

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The other information that can be used to tell if a phone is turned on is the double check mark in gray and blue. In the first case it means that the message has been received by the recipient's mobile phone, while the second means that it has also been read. We remind you that Whatsapp is also available en línea (accessible through a simple browser) or on Windows PCs and Macs by downloading the official customer.

How to know if a phone is on without calling with Messenger

Another solution for know if a mobile phone is switched on without calling is to take advantage of the well-known application Mensajero by Facebook. You can enjoy downloading the application at Android y iOS or via the web by accessing site dedicated. As seen with WhatsApp, you can check if a user is active (and therefore if a mobile phone is switched on) taking into account the activity status and check mark.

In the first case, you just have to see if the Green Point next to the thumbnail of recent conversations with friends and other contacts (accessible on the home screen in Facebook Messenger). If this point appears, it means that the user is using the software of the popular social network.

In addition to this, you may notice the presence of the phrase Active now below the contact's name, within the conversation. You can also use the Assets where to see all the contacts of Facebook currently using the application Mensajero or they just stopped.

The other important information to use is the check mark. This appears, within a point, at the moment when Send a message A person. This indicates that the message was actually sent. The dot is filled when the person's mobile phone is Conected to internet via the data network or Wi-Fi. However, if the azul with the tick inside it becomes the miniature from the contact's profile photo means that the message has been read and, therefore, you are using Mensajero.

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How to know if a phone is on without calling with Telegram

Like WhatsApp, too Telegram is a messaging application for Android, iOS y 10 Windows Mobile which has grown quite a bit in recent months. We have decided to include in this guide about how to tell if a phone is on without calling because you can take advantage of the delivery status and reading sent messages.

In the first case, you simply have to take the wording as a reference Online that appears below the name (at the top) in the conversation while in the second the single brand indicating the message sent and the double branding showing that the message has been read.

As Mark ZuckerbergAs well Telegram can be accessed from a simple browser by connecting to web portal or by downloading and installing on Windows, Mac and Linux computers the official customer.

How to tell if a phone is on without calling with Find My Friends

If you have a iPhone or iPadthen you can use the app Find my friends (included as standard in all iDevice) to share your location in real time with everyone who has an iOS device. In this case, you can take advantage of this service offered by Apple to know if the mobile phone is on.

In particular, the contact to be supervised must have enabled the functionality of share location in the app Find my friends. To do this, just start the application, click the button Add in the upper right corner and write your name to start sharing your location. In addition to this, you can configure sharing to 1 hour but also end of the day o forever.

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You can also submit a request for Share GPS location to the desired contact. Of course, the latter will have to accept it to have real-time access. Just open the app Find my friendstap on the person's name on the main screen and choose Ask them to follow you.

How to tell if a phone is on without calling with Google Maps

The last solution we propose for find out if a mobile phone is on without making a call is to use the application Google Maps which can be downloaded for free at Android y iOS. First of all, let us tell you that you can only use this software if you have a Google account. If you don't have one, you can easily create one by connecting to thesuitable website and follow the guided procedure by filling in the proposed fields.

That being said, the general operation of Google Maps it happens in much the same way as what we saw with Find my friends en iOS. Therefore, it is necessary that the contact to be controlled makes the share your position to know if your mobile phone is on. To do this, you need to start the application Google Mapsclick on the button 3 dashes in the upper left corner and select Shared location in the menu that appears.

In the next step, you must click on Start and use the buttons - e + to set the number of hours for which sharing is kept on or the Until it clearsand then until GPS is deactivated. Now, you have to press Contact down and let the person choose their name to send you your location.

Also Google Maps you can send a request for share location simply by clicking on the miniature of a contact on the screen Shared location and send the request by pressing I requested.

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