How to know who is behind an Instagram profile?

How to know who is behind an Instagram profile? Instagram like the other social networks were created precisely for this purpose, socialize and they are usually extremely entertaining, a meeting place with friends and family. In some cases they are forms of commercialization for people who want to develop in their business, they can become hunting sites for the most innocent.

And we are not referring only to bullies that there are quite a few in the world and who use social networks to annoy people of any age and gender. There are also the scammersThese people who use the most diverse tricks to make the most noble of heart fall into their traps and end up taking part of their money.

The ways to know if a profile is real

The first option is the simplest, when the account is validated by the same application, that is, when Instagram verifies the identity of the person with the famous blue icon, this happens mostly with the accounts of people of certain fame or who operate in areas where malicious people can use their identity to scam people. third parties with your name.

How to do it

  • Locate the account of which you want to know the information.
  • Click on the three stripes horizontals of the account.
  • It will divert you to the alternative of account information in which you must press.
  • This action will show you all the information regarding the account, from the creation date to the last username you had, if you have changed it.
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other alternatives

In this case you should write the person's name, Instagram will give you several options of people with the same name, in this case the system will show you if that account is similar to another of the platform, if so, you can use the previous method if this account is among your followers or is it public.

Check the name of the person in fillies social networks

If the Instagram account is real, this person most likely Keep an account on other social networks, in which you have already been registered as a user for a long time, and the safest thing is that you use the same username or a very similar variant in the other networks, although they can also be false.

The images

In the event that it is a fake, the images you have on your networks most likely they are also a sham, The most recommended is to download these and enter them in the browsers and wait for the results that they throw on the images. Remember that scammers will never give clues about your true identity, which can turn into something used against you.

The publications

As we explained in the previous point, the scammers are not going to give much information about them, so they will probably have accounts with very few or no publications. No method is infallible when discovering false profiles, the most advisable thing is caution.