How to leave a group on Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

How to leave a group on Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

Group chats in the Viber messenger are designed in such a way that each registered user of the service can become a member of one of them, regardless of their desire. In addition, an association that was once beneficial can at any time cease to be so or lose its relevance from the point of view of the need to obtain information from it. Thus, leaving the group on Viber is a task that sooner or later must be solved by any holder of a messenger account. The article describes how to leave a group chat using a device with Android, iOS and Windows.

Before proceeding with the demonstration of the messenger functionality, which allows you to leave any group created within the service, it should be noted that the methods below should only be applied to 'other people' chats. If you need to leave a group created by yourself, as well as delete it, see other material available on our website.

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How to leave a group on Viber for Android

Viber for Android users can leave any chat by literally double tapping on their smartphone or tablet screen, and there are two options for specific actions that involve leaving the group or temporarily disabling it.

Method 1: "Chats" section

    1. Open the Viber Android client app. Go to la flange Cat and find the name of the group you decided to leave.
    2. Press and hold a group chat title to bring up the action menu, then tap «Delete chat»
    3. The appearing application reassures you against rash or hasty actions. Here it is possible, without leaving the group, to deactivate the sound notifications that come from it: touch "Be quiet" In the future, it is possible to enable audio notifications by entering the "Information" about the chat from the menu called by tapping three dots in the upper right corner of the screen with the correspondence.
    4. If you have already deactivated the sounds that accompany the activity of the participants in the conversation, the exit request will contain the item "Deactivate for 30 days" , which allows to "forget" the group temporarily, but at the same time. don't let it.
    5. Subsequently, a long tap on the group chat title with notifications disabled opens a menu consisting of two items: "Enable" y «Delete chat» . Consequently, you can return the group to its normal state or permanently remove it from those available in your messenger.
    6. If the decision to leave the group has finally been made, after completing point 2 above in the instructions, click «Exit and delete» ; the chat title will disappear from the list of those available in your messenger.
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Method 2: chat screen

  1. Open the conversation you want to end.
  2. Open the menu of actions available for the conversation by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen on the right and select "Information" in the .
  3. Scroll through the list of options to the bottom where the item is located «Exit and delete» ; touch it. Touch «Exit and delete» below the prompt that appears, or use the system options to disable alerts, described in paragraph 3 of the instructions earlier in this article.

How to leave a group on Viber for iOS

The algorithm from which you can leave any group in Viber for iPhone it includes, as in the case of the previous client for Android, only a few touches on the screen of the smartphone where the messenger is running. The specific steps you need to take to get out of group chat on Viber when using the iOS app are twofold.

Method 1: "Chats" section

  1. Launch Viber on your iPhone and go to the section "Chats" if there is another tab open in Messenger. Find the name of the conversation you decided to leave.
  2. To access the group exit feature, swipe its heading to the left. I touched "Remove" among the three buttons that are available.
  3. Next, you need to select one of the two menu items displayed at the bottom of the screen:
      • "Silent" - You are still a member of the group chat, but at the same time you are exempt from receiving sound notifications that come from it. After deactivating the audio notifications, the group can be temporarily put into "sleep mode" (it will be placed at the bottom from the list of those available, all notifications about the activity of other participants are deactivated). Slide the title of a conversation in the tab Cat Messenger to the left, tap Delete and then Disconnect for 30 days .

        After completing the previous two actions, the messenger will stop showing any activity in the conversation, but can return to the exchange of information at any time. To do this, select "Enable" in the options applicable to the disabled group.

    Activate the sound by tapping the chat name on the chat screen and then tapping the corresponding function switch.

    • If the decision to leave the group chat is made final and irrevocable, click "Leave and delete" in the request area. That's it - you have left the participant group in the Viber messenger and your title is no longer displayed in the tab "Chats" of the service client application.
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Method 2: chat screen

  1. Enter a group chat by tapping its title in the list of dialogs / audiences available in Viber for iPhone.
  2. Touch the name of the conversation at the top of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the list of features that is displayed and click «Exit and delete» .
  3. Then select one of the menu items displayed at the bottom of the iPhone screen. Depending on the situation, proceed in exactly the same way as described in the previous instruction (point 3).

How to leave a group on Viber for PC

La viber app for windows, despite the fact that it cannot work autonomously without a mobile client, it is equipped with options that allow you to quickly leave any group in the messenger or pause receiving all notifications from it.

Method 1: chat menu

  1. Open Messenger on your PC and look in the list on the left for the name of the group chat you want to exit from. Click on the conversation title with the right mouse button.
  2. In the menu that opens, select the item «Exit and delete» .
  3. The request window that appears allows you to:
    • End your group chat participation instantly - click «Sign out and delete» .
    • Keep participating in the conversation, but disable sound notifications when other members of the association are active; click on "Be quiet" .
  4. If you have already turned off audio notifications, but also want the messenger to not react at all to activity in the group (move the header down the list of available conversations, turn off all notifications), right-click on its header again with the right mouse button, select «Exit and delete» , and later "Do not disturb 30 days" when prompted.To return the group chat to an active state, open the menu twice by right-clicking on the name of the correspondence:
    • After the first call from the action list, select "Enable notifications" ;
    • Click a second time on the menu "Activate sound" .
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Method 2: "Details" menu

  1. Once in the target group, click the button "I" next to the name of the conversation.
  2. Scroll through the list of options displayed on the left side of the Viber for Windows window to the bottom.
  3. Click on «Exit and delete» .
  4. Answer the request that appears by clicking the button «Exit and delete» to instantly exit group chat. Or choose a less drastic option by turning off notifications only, as described in the instructions earlier in this article (point 4).

As you can see, you do not have to make any special effort to leave the group in Viber: the solution to the problem is available from any platform that supports the messenger and is carried out with just a few taps on the screen of the mobile devices or clicks of the mouse when using a PC / laptop to access the service.