How to make a screen show in Zoom on a PC

How to make a screen show in Zoom on a PC.

The Zoom app allows you to host a conference remotely. The developers have provided many useful features, one of which allows you to enable screen sharing in Zoom from a laptop or PC. This article presents step-by-step instructions for different operating systems and possible problems.

What does it mean to show the screen in zoom?

The Zoom demo screen allows you to show the rest of the participants in the video conference the user's desktop and their actions in real time. This technique will greatly facilitate remote collaboration and provide a visual perspective for subsequent work. All participants who have mobile devices with Internet access and a valid link can connect to the demo screen.

Who can demonstrate at the conference

All participants and organizers can start a zoom screen demo. To do this, press the «Screen Demo» button, no special permission from the broadcast administrator is required. Conference hosts can select participants who cannot use the demo screen. If screen sharing is for the host only, you need to prohibit other participants from using screen sharing. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Next to the “Share screen” key, there is an item called “Advanced sharing options”. It is indicated by an icon with a green arrow pointing up. You have to click on this icon.
  • Select "Who can do the demonstration" At this point you must specify the option "Organizer only".
  • Close the settings menu.
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From now on, only the organizer himself can show the demo screen. There will be no this option for group members.

How to do a screenshot demo in Zoom

To know how to do a screen demo in Zoom, you have to take into account the device's operating system and startup modes. The latter are divided into three groups:

  • Essential. In this mode, pressing the green arrow key automatically opens a full-size desktop screen. Participants can see all the organizer's actions, which appear on the screen.
  • Advanced. This mode allows the host to display only the highlight portion of the screen, enable audio recording without displaying video, and display recordings from a second camera.
  • Records. This mode allows other participants access to Google Drive, Box and other storage data.

The host has to plan the conference scenario in advance to select the appropriate mode to display to other users.

On a Windows computer

Zoom is compatible with virtually all versions of the Windows operating system starting with XP, but for best performance it is recommended that you install at least Windows 7. To set up screen sharing on your computer, follow these steps:

  • Download the software, sign in and go to the main tab.
  • Open “New conference” or follow the link sent by the organizer.
  • Once you've entered the conference, look for the green arrow at the bottom of the "Screen Demo."
  • In the new window, select one of the three modes that will be transmitted to the rest of the participants. In the lower left corner there are elements:
  • «Share audio by computer». Check the box if you want participants to hear all sounds played by the operating system and third-party software.
  • "Optimize for full screen viewing." Check the box if you want the video to be displayed in full size. The video must be of good quality, otherwise the image will be blurred.
  • When all the boxes are checked, the «Share» key should be selected. It's in the bottom right corner.
  • When all the steps have been completed, the on-screen demo will start for the participants who have connected through the link.
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There are additional keys on the screen to help control the broadcast. They are located at the top of the screen:

  • If you pause the demo, the demo screen will pause temporarily. This will give the organizers time to take a short break and prepare the following material. To start the demo, press the "Continue" button.
  • You can stop the broadcast by pressing the red “Stop Demo” button.
  • Conference recording. This key will allow you to view the conference offline at any time.
  • Turn off the video. This will save only the sound, no people will be visible.
  • Mute the sound. The key mutes the microphone.

Additional settings allow you to use the program in a comfortable format.


The Zoom app is compatible with any version of Mac OS. The detailed instructions for starting demo mode are absolute, identical to Windows, so all steps are described above.


Users can run Zoom and turn on screen sharing on a Linux operating system. This can be done by:

  • Launch Zoom and join the conference.
  • Press the green arrow key «Screen Demo».
  • Select a screen to show it to the other participants. It can be the desktop, the message board, or the iPhone.
  • Check "Share audio" and "Optimize for full screen" if necessary.
  • Select the “Share Key”. The display demo will start.

Linux offers the same features as Windows. You can pause the conference, mute the microphone, stop the video, etc.

Possible problems and solutions

Software users may encounter these problems when viewing the screen:

  • Silent sound. This occurs when sound is transmitted through the built-in microphone. To fix the problem, it is worth connecting an external microphone or headphones that will help improve the sound.
  • Error 5003 when starting a conference. To fix this problem, the first thing to do is check the quality of your internet connection and restart your router if necessary. Temporarily disable the antivirus and repeat the startup. If these actions don't help, download a newer version of Zoom and restart the software.
  • Random people in the conference starting the demo on screen. You must send a link to each user personally before starting the broadcast and always activate the waiting room to see the list of participants who have gathered. To avoid awkward moments, you need to select “Who can screen share” by pressing the same name key.
  • If you can't enable screen sharing when you join the broadcast as a participant, the host may have disabled this feature. You have to write to the chat room and ask permission to show the screen.
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If the video freezes a lot during screen sharing, you need to check your internet connection speed and restart Zoom. These are the most common errors that can be easily resolved without any help.

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