How to make an image transparent in Paint

How to make an image transparent in Paint

The pre-installed Windows program Paint does not support the alpha channel, so you can only make a background transparent by rendering the white color of individual elements, unlike professional graphic editors. The method works if the image has a single color background, for example, just black or white.

    1. Start the Paint editor as you like, from the menu "File". select item "Opened" and find the image you want. You can also open a file in Paint via the context menu by right-clicking on the image.
    2. In the interface, toolbarlocate the block "Colors".. Here, use the palette to specify a color as the background color («Colour 2»). However, it is more convenient, using the block "Tools"., grab the eyedropper and left-click on the background of the image you want to replace with a transparent background. The eyedropper allows you to automatically detect the current background color.
    3. Click the arrow below the button "Highlight." and select the item "Highlight all".
    4. Copy the selected item to the clipboard. You can do this using the button at the top or the context menu.
    5. Open the image you want to overlay the selected object on – do it in a new Paint window. In the block with colors as background («Colour 2») select the same color that was in the image from which the item was copied.
    6. Press "Highlight." and mark the item "transparent selection".
    7. Paste the copied element through the button "Paste". plug "Home".Context menu or key combination "Ctrl + V".

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Note that it is not yet possible to save an image with a transparent background. It can only be pasted with a processed background on the same or another image. To paste, for example, an icon without a background in PNG format, you will have to use other editors. A simple, free tool like Paint.NET might do the trick. Our separate article describes how to do it in detail.

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