How to make me small in Minecraft?

How to make me small in Minecraft? If you are here it is because you are interested in knowing how to make yourself small in Minecraft, one of the most popular and preferred video games by the public. This is a trick that could be very helpful in the game and here we tell you the steps to follow to achieve the goal.

Most likely you have observed one of these smaller creatures during the game in Minecraft. You can also achieve it in a simple and fast way. We all have the ability to turn our avatar into a smaller figure. Read on and find out how to achieve it.

Resize your avatar through mods

There is a wide variety of mods that can help us transform our avatar into a much smaller figure within Minecraft. The first thing we want to talk to you about is "Portion of change in size".

Through this mod we will be able to access various modifications during a game in Minecraft. It allows us to adjust certain characteristics of the character, including its speed and even size. You will not only be able to make your avatar smaller, but also bigger if you want it that way.

  1. Click HERE to access the download page
  2. Select on the option "Download"
  3. Unzip the .jar file
  4. It will also be necessary to download the mod ArtemisLib

After downloading and installing both mods we must go to Minecraft and enter Creative mode. There you will find the avatar inventory, including its current dimensions. Apply "Portion Resize" and voila.

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On the internet you will find a lots of mods, also called as modifications, that could be used to transform the appearance of your avatar in Minecraft. Choose the one you like the most and proceed to download it.

reborn gulliver

The truth is that there are many good and interesting mods to make us small in Minecraft, but this is another of the most recommended and better today.

Gulliver reborn It is considered another of the most spectacular mod when it comes to changing the size of our avatar in Minecraft. We just have to download the mod and that's it.

It will be enough with apply a series of commands during the game, and voila. The appearance of our avatar will change drastically. Now we will look much smaller than before.

The previous mod changes the size of our avatar during a certain time of the game, however in this particular case, the avatar will look small in a way permanent bases, that is, for the duration of the entire game.

Once you apply the transformation to the avatar, it will not be temporary. The player must go changing the appearance of your avatar through a series of commands. The first thing to do is download the mod from the website.

After downloading the mod we proceed to open Minecraft and start playing. Now is the time to transform the appearance of our avatar. Just press "T" on the keyboard.

Now write the command depending on what you want to achieve:

  • / ms 0,125 the avatar will be small as an ant
  • / ms 0.5 the avatar will look like a little child
  • ms 1 to return the avatar to its original size
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