How to make money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook

The rapid development of information technologies has made them densely integrated into the most diverse aspects of human existence. It is already difficult to imagine the daily life of a modern person without a phenomenon like social networks. However, if 10-15 years ago social networks were perceived as a form of entertainment, today more and more people turn to social networks as a way to earn some extra money or even as their main source of income. Facebook, as the most popular social network in the world and with a huge audience, seems especially attractive in this regard.

Ways to make money on Facebook

Trying to make money using Facebook is something that a lot of people want to do. This social network offers the user several options to show himself as a successful entrepreneur. As for the successful realization of these possibilities, it already depends on the abilities and character of the specific person. Let's take a closer look at the most popular ways to earn money.

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Method 1: Monetize the activity

Any social network is above all communication. People exchange messages, rate and comment on each other's posts, watch the news, etc. It turns out that you can do all of that for money.

Today, a large number of resources have appeared on the Internet that are willing to pay Facebook users to perform certain tasks. The things that can be paid are:

  • You like the comments, posts, photos, and videos that the customer specifies;
  • Write and post comments with a specific focus desired by the client;
  • Distribution of specific publications (forwarding);
  • Join groups and send invitations to join your friends and subscribers;
  • Post reviews as a Facebook user on other resources where such comments are provided.
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To start earning this way, you have to find a service on the web that specializes in these types of activities and register there. Afterwards, the user will periodically receive the tasks and payment for their performance to their electronic wallet.

It should be noted right away that you are unlikely to make a lot of money using this method. But for a novice entrepreneur, these gains can be quite adequate at first.

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Method 2: Create your own company page

For those who have specific business ideas, a Facebook business page can help bring them to life. It should not be confused with your account on social media. There, such activity can lead to a ban. Creating a company page is completely free and is done in a few simple steps.

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With a Facebook business page, you can promote:

  • A small regional scale project;
  • An internal company or institution;
  • A specific brand or product;
  • The products of a person's creative and intellectual activity;
  • Ideas for entertainment and leisure.

The list of possible areas to promote on your company page could be very long. Unlike an account page, it has no limitations on the number of subscribers, it allows creating additional mini cards, viewing statistics, and it has other useful features that may be of interest to the entrepreneur. However, it must be borne in mind that promoting your company page on the Internet is a more complex task and can sometimes require a very large financial outlay.

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Method 3: Create a theme group

Facebook allows users to create groups or communities that bring together people who are passionate about some idea, interest, or any other common principle. In these groups, users communicate with each other and share interesting thematic information.

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Unlike company pages, Facebook groups were not originally intended as a tool for commerce. They are more difficult to promote and advertise, to produce business scale. However, thematic groups are an almost perfect opportunity to reach the target audience to promote your own brand or product. Also, well-promoted groups with large numbers of subscribers can act as a commodity in and of themselves. By selling such a group, the user can earn good money.

Method 4: Drive traffic to your website

Due to its huge audience, Facebook is the most powerful traffic generator on the Internet. Website owners who want to increase the profitability of their resource dream of getting as many visitors as possible. This is especially true for those resources that live on income from contextual advertising. The influx of visitors from the social network can greatly improve the position of the site in search engines and, therefore, increase its monetization.

On the Facebook page, a user can place a link to your website, accompanied by various information. Specifically, you can do the following:

  • Advertise the publication of interesting materials on the site;
  • Post small but tantalizing article snippets that intrigue visitors;
  • Place advertising banners.
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Interested in the information, visitors to the page and subscribers will follow the link and arrive at the user's site, where they can make a purchase, leave their registration data or perform other actions, providing income to the owner of the resource.

Method 5: Monetize Videos

Video content on Facebook takes up more space every year and is already almost as large as text content. Currently, Facebook is fighting hard for market leadership with video hosting giant YouTube.

To squeeze the competitor, the social network is trying as much as possible to encourage users to post various interesting videos, videoblogging, and the like. For this, his administration is willing to give them 55% of the profits from the advertising clips, which Facebook inserts in the published videos. And it is a sin not to take advantage of this situation to earn money.

These are the most popular ways to earn money on the Facebook social network. As you can see, users have a wide range of opportunities to show their creativity, their business talent and make money from it. All you have to do is have the will and persevere in achieving the goal.

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