How to open a RAR file on an Android device

How to open a RAR file on an Android device

In most cases, on Android mobile devices, in order to open an archive in RAR format, it is necessary to install a special third-party application.

Method 1: RAR

The most common archiving application is the free RAR tool, available for download at Google Play Store. It has a simple and intuitive interface and works with all versions of RAR archives, from obsolete to modern RAR5. The program is written by the same developers who distribute WinRAR for computers. It is possible not only to decompress, but also to pack files into ZIP and RAR archives, transfer them or copy them to any place in the device's memory.

Download RAR from Google Play Market

Opening a RAR file on Android through the application is easy: just find it through the built-in explorer and tap on it. With a long touch on the name, an additional menu appears, through which data can also be extracted from the archive.

The archiver interface is completely in Russian, and Russian characters in file names are also supported. The application works with files of this type, such as 7Z, ARJ, GZ. You can view the contents of disk image files (ISO) and mobile applications (JAR). Encrypted and password-protected files are supported. APK files can be installed directly via RAR without the need to extract them. Also, if your device has a multi-core processor, more than one processor can be used for RAR files to ensure faster performance.

Method 2: WinZip

Another highly specialized archive program is WinZip, which is freely distributed. The advantage of the application is that it syncs with the most popular cloud storage services, which will save space on your device's memory. Works with Google Drive and Dropbox. The Russian interface features a handy file manager, which makes it easy to navigate between folders and keeps your phone tidy.

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Download WinZIP from Google Play Store

With WinZip, you can view the contents of an archive and extract data to a specific folder. In the first case, just start the program, use the built-in explorer to find the location of the file and click on it. If you need to perform additional manipulations, select the three vertical points on the left. In the menu that appears, you can extract the content to the same folder as the archive ("Unzip to here") or any other (“Unzip to…”), share file, rename, copy or delete.

If you select the function "Add to Favorites"the file is added to the section of the same name, which is available in the main application window.

The archiver supports more than 20 file formats, such as TXT, DOC, PNG, GIFF, and others. The program creates archives in ZIP and ZIPX format, but it can also extract archives from CBZ, 7z and RAR. AES encryption is implemented, there are several locations. Developers support their product by improving it and regularly releasing updates to improve functionality and remove bugs.

Method 3: ZArchiver

Zarchiver is a simple, free, yet feature-rich file management tool. The app offers advanced settings for interface appearance, file list display, and compression options. The user can select a home folder, which will be displayed automatically when opening the program. Support for working with files with root permissions has been implemented.

Download ZArchiver from the Google Play Store

Open the application and through the internal explorer locate the place where the file was saved. Clicking on the file will bring up an additional menu where you can choose an action: view content, decompression methods, automatically check compressed files for errors.

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You can also create a new archive from a folder or a file. And, in addition, you can configure various parameters: format, compression level. If necessary, a password can be set.

The advantage of the archiver is the possibility to extend the functionality with plugins. The list of available tools can be accessed through the main menu. After selecting the section, a page in the Google Play Market store with a plug-in for cloud storage or working with firmware will automatically open. ZArchiver works with many different archive formats, including the most popular ones: 7z, ZIP, RAR, TAR, BZIP2, XZ.

Method 4: RS Explorer

RS Explorer, as the name suggests, is a file manager, but it has a built-in archiver through which compressed files can be viewed. Furthermore, the application offers a handy explorer that helps you easily locate any data, even in hidden directories. The main window is categorized, making it easy to find what you're looking for. Networking is possible, including cloud storage, remote access, and file access via LAN or FTP.

This application is not available on the Google Play Market, which does not prevent it from remaining one of the most popular solutions. RS Explorer can be downloaded from third party websites as an APK application and then installed manually.

To view the file, simply find it through Explorer. Tap on it to open a menu with the available opening options. Mark "RS Archive". and, if provided by the system, determine whether to use the tool always or just this time.

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RS Explorer integrates additional tools to work with the information. The mobile phone's sophisticated data analysis system allows you to see how much space certain types of data take up, to find the largest files and folders. in the built-in system "Recycle Bin" You can search for recently deleted content and restore it if necessary. For the security of user data, protection is offered that includes the creation of a hidden list and the establishment of a password.

Method 5: Total Commander

Another functional file manager is Total Commander, which is freely distributed. It combines a handy file explorer with the ability to browse files without unzipping them and with additional tools. Through the application you can access your root folder and manage installed applications.

Download Total Commander from Google Play Market

To view the contents of a file, simply open it by browsing through a browser, just as you would with any of the other applications discussed above. The application works with the most common archive formats, such as RAR, 7z and ZIP.

В "Settings". is available to enable the display of hidden files and directories, which simplifies the search. The functionality is also extended by installing additional plug-ins, which can be downloaded via a link in the application interface.

Dual pane mode allows you to run two panes in a window at the same time, which are independent of each other. To switch to another window, you have to slide your finger from the edge of the window.

If you have superuser rights, you can work with system files in root mode. A distinctive feature of Total Commander is the smart and convenient search system. Clicking the magnifying glass icon on a directory opens an additional window in which you can set the search parameters: the exact name, size, creation date and others.