How to open the "certificate store" in Windows 7

How to open the "certificate store" in Windows 7

Certificates are one of the security options in Windows 7. It is a digital signature that verifies the validity and authenticity of various websites, services and devices of all kinds. Certificates are issued by a certificate authority. They are stored in a specific place in the system. In this article we will see where the "certificate store" is located in Windows 7.

Open the «certificate store»

To view the certificates in Windows 7, log in to the operating system with administrator privileges.

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The need to access certificates is especially important for users who frequently make online payments. All certificates are stored in one place, called a Vault, which is divided into two parts.

Method 1: Run Window

  1. Pressing the key combination "Win + R" we got to the window "Run".. Enter in the command line certmgr.msc.
  2. Digital signatures are stored in a folder located in the directory «Certificates - current user».. Here the certificates are in logical stores, which are separated by properties. In folders. "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" и "Intermediate Certification Centers". The main set of Windows 7 certificates is located.

  3. To view information about each digital document, hover over and click PCM. In the menu that opens, select "Opens".Go to tab "General".. Under. "Information about the certificate". will show the purpose of each digital signature. Information is also provided "To whom it May concern", "Issued by". and expiration dates.

Method 2: Control Panel

It is also possible to view the certificates in Windows 7 through "Control Panel"..

    1. Open "Starts". and go to "Control Panel"..

  1. Open an item. "Explorer Properties"..
  2. In the window that opens, click on the tab "Content". and click on the title «Certificates»..
  3. A list of various certificates is offered in the window that opens. To view detailed information about a specific digital signature, click the button "View" button..

After reading this article, you should have no problem opening the Windows 7 "certificate store" and finding detailed information about the properties of each digital signature on your system.

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