How to Host a Parent-Teacher Meeting in a Zoom Conference

How to Host a Parent-Teacher Meeting in a Zoom Conference.

The organization of a meeting of parents of students does not differ from the planning of a classic conference. Like the connection to the meeting, it takes place as standard. Step-by-step instructions for parents and teachers are given in the following points.

How a class teacher can host a parent-teacher conference on Zoom

Create and schedule a conference

To create a Zoom Parent-Teacher Conference, the teacher needs to log in to their account:

  • Click the blue button with the calendar icon “Schedule” in the pop-up window.
  • Write the topic of the meeting on the top line. Specifies the meeting date, meeting time, and meeting duration.
  • Set an identifier (manually or using the one suggested by the system).
  • Assign a password to log in. Users who try to connect without a password will not be able to access the conference.
  • Make video settings. If an instructor plans to hold a discussion using cameras, the "Video Image" option is activated. The box is checked both in the organizer and in the line with the participants.
  • Click the item that denotes from which device the audio output is intended. That is, if the conference is to be held from a mobile phone, the phone element is checked. And, consequently, if it is from a personal computer, it is put on a computer.
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Once the settings are complete, click the “Schedule” button at the bottom of the window. Now you have to send invitation letters to the parents of the students.

Sending of invitations

Once the “Schedule” button is clicked, the system will automatically create invitations, which will be copied and sent to the student's parent contacts. For Zoom users, invites can be sent in the software itself. Parents who are not connected to the service will receive message invitations via email, social media, or other commonly used messengers.

A video meeting invitation can, instead of being sent in person, be launched in a parent chat or group messenger.

To send an invitation to a parent-teacher meeting on Zoom, you need to

  • Click on the “Conference” value in the toolbar.
  • A pop-up window will contain information about an upcoming meeting.
  • In the box to the right, click "Copy Invitation."

The copied information can be sent to online meeting participants.

Create rules for an online meeting

Organizing a meeting consists of creating the videoconference itself, establishing the basic parameters and configuring the rules within the conference that is being held. The rules are configured in the "Settings" tab of the "Conferences" section.

Within the section, the password login option is enabled or disabled. The waiting room and the option to prohibit entry in the conversation before the instructor are activated.

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The option to deactivate the microphones when entering an online meeting of the participants in it is also configured.

During the conference, the following rules are available to the creator:

  • Notification of new users joining the conference.
  • Turn on the microphones to the interlocutors.
  • On-screen demo.
  • Transfer the interlocutors to the waiting room.

When creating the rules of a meeting, the trainer takes into account in what format it will be held (audio or video interview), if there will be a debate on the subject among the interlocutors or if it is enough to let them know information and disconnect.

Important: In free accounts, the duration of the online meeting is 40 minutes. Therefore, the trainer should "outline" the questions to be discussed and the important topics beforehand.

Instructions for parents to participate in the meeting

To participate in a parent-teacher meeting on the zoom platform, parents need to install the software on their device or connect to the conference using a web browser. The program works on computers, tablets and smartphones. The application for the phone is downloaded from the google store or appstore. The PC app is downloaded from the official Zoom website.

Step-by-step instructions for parents on how to connect to the video board:

  • Goes to the zoom site. The software for computers is being downloaded.
  • The downloaded software is installed on the computer. The program starts.
  • In the window that appears, enter your personal account data and click "Login" or click the button to log in via social networks. If the parent does not have a Zoom account, they must sign in to the system.
  • Before starting the meeting, click on the "Login" button located in the main window of the program.
  • In the window that appears, enter the ID sent by the teacher. The child's first or last name is also entered.
  • Audio and video settings are configured. If you want to dialogue with the teacher, make sure that there are no marks on the mute points of the video and the microphone. Hit the enter button.
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If the teacher has connected the waiting room, the parents will go to the room first and then move to the video conference.

It is possible to enter Zoom without going through registration, using the web version of Zoom. The identifier is sent by the meeting organizer (teacher). It is best to copy the code and password (if available) and then paste them into the input field when you connect to the conference.

Communication during the meeting can take place in the chat or through the microphone. Parents should remember that time is limited and all discussion must be to the point.

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