How to participate in more than one conference in Zuma at the same time

How to participate in more than one conference in Zuma at the same time.

Zoom offers its customers the ability to create two simultaneous video conferences. Participants can connect to multiple conversations and watch both streams at the same time. The following instructions will explain what conditions are necessary to establish two conversations and how to activate this function.

Is it possible to create 2 conferences at the same time?

The Zoom platform allows its clients to create several conferences at the same time. Each of the organized video conversations must be created by one person. Once a video conference has been created, the creator can leave a conversation by first handing over the administration of the conversation to his assistant. The administrator will have the same set of tools as the creator.

The Desktop Client application does not support logging into multiple video chats at the same time. Even though the service client is running two conferences in parallel.

The option is available to platform users who have purchased paid accounts. Conversations can be created by an organizer. To host simultaneous video meetings, you must have the following plans: Education, Enterprise, and Business.

How to enable simultaneous join to multiple conferences

The option to join two streams at the same time is useful for help desk operators who need to monitor two online meetings. Or for teachers who teach several groups of students or school classes at the same time. It is also used for workshops, consultations, etc. The scope of the function is quite wide.

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To activate the option, the Zoom Client must be installed on a personal computer with Windows and Mac operating systems.


To activate the option to connect in one step to multiple video interviews for all members of an organization, you must:

  • Open the browser on your computer, go to the official website of the service and enter your personal account, where you have permission to edit your personal account settings.
  • In the window that opens, look for the account management item in the navigation bar.
  • In the next section, click on the item labeled “Account Settings”. This takes you to the subsection with conferences.
  • Settings are verified to be able to join multiple meetings from a computer or laptop at the same time. They are displayed under “In Conference (Basic)”.
  • If the option responsible for connecting to conferences is not active, it is necessary to drag the slider of the switch opposite the corresponding inscription to the right.

In order for this feature to be active for everyone using the Private Office, it is necessary to click on the lock icon next to the switch. Confirm your action by clicking the "Block" button.


In order for a specific group to view two conferences at the same time, you must:

  • Start the web browser on the computer, and open the official page of the Zoom platform.
  • Access the account to which the editing rights of the group are connected.
  • On the navigation bar, click the User Management section. In the new window, select the “Group Management” subsection.
  • The name of the group for which the option is activated is selected and the “Settings” option is pressed.
  • Click on the section called “Conferences”. In the “In conference” object, the presets responsible for connecting to multiple video conferences are marked.
  • If the option is disabled, you need to drag the switch slider to the right. In the notification that appears, tap to confirm that the feature is turned on.
  • If the item, which is displayed in gray, means that it is blocked at the personal area level, you need to change this setting.
  • To make the configured function mandatory for each member of the group, you must click on the image of the padlock. The lock is located next to the options on/off button.
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To enable the option to connect to more than one conversation at a time for personal use, you must:

  • Start your web browser and go to the zoom service page.
  • Connect to the portal.
  • Click on “Settings” located in the navigation bar.
  • Navigate to the conference section.
  • Check the installed plugins for connecting to multiple video conferences, which are displayed under the “In conference” object.
  • If the setting is inactive, the switch slider moves to the active position.

After a system message appears, the «Activate» button is pressed. If the option is greyed out, it means the option is locked at the account level. To unlock it, the user must contact the administrator of the zoom service.

How to participate in two conferences at the same time

To connect to more than one video meeting at the same time, you must connect to the first conversation:

  • Click “Join” on the computer zoom.
  • Clicking on the URL to go to or go to the official website of the platform, and specify the identifier of the video conversation.

To connect to each additional online meeting, you have to click on the link in the web browser and the platform client will start the conversation automatically.

When organizing multiple meetings online, the user must remember that the option works in paid service packages. Connecting to two conversations is done in a few clicks, and allows you to watch the broadcasts at any given time.

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