How to recover a password for your Skype account

How to recover a password for your Skype account

Almost every user, at least from time to time, has been faced with the task of restoring access to some account. Most of the time, the data required to log in is simply forgotten, but sometimes it can be reset or stolen by malicious actors. In the end, the cause of the problem is not so important, the main thing is to quickly fix it. In this article we will talk about how to recover the password in Skype.

How to recover a password in Skype 8 and higher

It hasn't been long since the launch of the completely redesigned Skype for PC application, but many people have already managed to update it and start actively using it. The method of resetting your password in Eight depends on whether you have previously provided any additional information in your account, such as a contact phone number or an email address. If you do, it will only take a few minutes to recover your password, otherwise it will take a little more effort.

Option 1: By number or by mail

First, consider the most positive option, which is to have contact information that you can use to reset your password.

  1. Start Skype and select the account you want to restore access to, or if it's not in the list of options, click "Another account"..
  2. You will then be asked to enter your account password or (if it has not been saved in the program) to enter your username first. In either case, at this time you must click on the link "Did you forget your password?".
  3. In the page. "Restore account". enter the characters shown in the image, then click "Next"..
  4. Now you must select the option "Confirmation of identity.". You can request a code by text message to the phone number associated with your Skype account, or to the email associated with your account (this option is not always available). Select the box next to the appropriate option and click the Enabled button "Next"..

    And if you do not have access to the number and the email or you simply have not provided them in your profile, choose the appropriate option - "I don't have those details."[clicks] "Next". and go to the first point. "Option 2". of this section of the article.

  5. If you have selected the phone as a means of confirmation, enter the last four digits of the number in the next window and press "Send code"..

    After receiving the text message, enter the code in the corresponding box and press "Next"..

    Confirmation by email is done in the same way: enter your email address, click "Send code".Open the email you received from Microsoft technical support, copy the code, and enter it in the appropriate field. To go to the next step, press "Next"..

  6. After confirming your identity, you will be taken to a page "Restore password".. Think of a new combination of codes and enter it twice in the fields provided for it, and then press "Next"..
  7. After confirming that the password has been changed, and with that, access to your Skype account has been restored, click "Next..
  8. Immediately afterwards, you will be asked to log into Skype by first providing a username and clicking "Next".,

    and then entering the updated code combination and pressing the key. "Log in"..

  9. Once you have successfully logged into the application, the account password recovery procedure can be considered complete.
  10. As you may have noticed, retrieving the code combination required to log into Skype is a fairly straightforward task. However, this is only true if your account has additional contact information, such as a phone number or an email address. If this is the case, everything can be done from within the interface and it won't take long. But what if you can't verify your identity because you don't have this information? Keep reading.

Option 2: No contact details

In those cases, however, if you have not linked a mobile phone number or an email address to your Skype account, or have lost access to one of them, the password recovery procedure will be somewhat more complicated, but it's still doable.

  1. Follow steps # 1-4 outlined in the earlier part of this article, but in the "Confirmation of identity". check the box next to "I don't have that data."and then select with the mouse and copy the link provided in the description.
  2. Open any browser and paste the copied URL into the search bar, then click "ENTER" or the search button.
  3. Once on the page. "Restore account".In the first field, enter your mailbox address, your phone number, or your Skype username. As in this case there is neither the first nor the second, enter your Skype username directly. In the second field, enter "Contact email address"., different from the one you want to recover. That is, it must be a box that is not linked to a Microsoft account. Naturally, you must have access to it.
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  5. The next step is to enter the characters shown in the image and press "Next"..
  6. You will now be asked to confirm the email specified in the second field.

    Go to this mailbox, locate and open the incoming email from Microsoft there, copy the "Security code"..

    Enter it in the corresponding field on the previous page and press "Confirm"..

  7. Next, you have to answer a series of questions. It is mandatory to fill in these fields:
    • "Last name".;
    • "Name".;
    • "Date of birth"..

    The following "trinity" can be ignored:

    • "Country…";
    • Administrative district.;
    • "Postal Code".

    With the required information, click the button "Next"..

  8. On the next page, if possible, you will need to fill in a few more fields:
    • Old passwords for Skype and / or Microsoft accounts that you can remember;
    • Check the services and companies that you use or have used: it is certainly Skype and possibly Outlook, if you have an inbox in that email service;
    • check the box next to the answer. "Yes". o "No."Whether or not you have bought anything from Microsoft - software, subscriptions, devices.
    • Click again to continue. "Next"..

    Note: If you remember more than two old passwords for accounts we are recovering, click on the active link "Add another password.".

  9. When you get to the next page, don't be alarmed. You do not need to fill in the fields listed here. However, if possible, to make the recovery procedure more efficient, please specify the email addresses to which you have recently sent emails from your Skype and Microsoft account, as well as the subject of those emails. If you have specified or ignored this information, click "Next"..
  10. The last step in account recovery is to provide basic and general information about the Skype account. And here it says directly: "If you don't know the answer, try to guess it." So if possible, specify (or guess) the following data:
    • Skype name (username);
    • The email address where your account is registered;
    • The names and / or logins of the three users of your contact list in the application.
    • Check if you have previously paid for any additional services in Skype.

    Note: In the penultimate block (contact names), you can enter the username and the name of the same user in different fields, if you know this information.

    After providing as much personal information as possible, or at least trying, press "Next"..

  11. The information that you have entered in each of the steps above will be sent to Microsoft support for verification. An email reporting the results of the recovery process will be sent to the email address you have provided within 24 hours, but this usually happens almost immediately. The same box will appear in the description below the notification "Information sent"..

    Click on "AGREE". and go to email, look there for a Microsoft support email. If the subject and content instruct you to confirm and recover your account, simply follow the link provided there to reset your password. If the account is not confirmed (it is possible), go back to the first step of this instruction and perform the recovery procedure again, but this time try to remember and provide as much personal information as possible.

  12. Before proceeding to reset the code scheme to sign in to Skype, you must confirm the Microsoft account from which the email address was provided in the incoming email. Enter it in the corresponding field and press "Next"..
  13. Now, double click on the new password and click again "Next"..
  14. From this point on, your account will be reset and the password required to access it will be changed. Press the button again. "Next". to continue.
  15. Sign in to your updated Microsoft account by re-entering your email and clicking "Next".,

    and then entering your password and clicking "Log in"..

  16. After checking «General information about your account»Now you can go directly to Skype.
  17. Launch the program and on its welcome screen, select the account you want to access or add a new one.
  18. Specify the changed password and click the button "Log in"..
  19. Congratulations, your access to Skype has been restored.
  20. If you don't have any contact information with which to reset the code combination you need to log in, it's quite difficult to recover your Skype password. Still, if you have any information about your account and are willing to carefully follow the instructions we have provided, you should have no problem regaining access to your account.

How to recover a password in Skype 7 and lower versions

Classic Skype is much more popular than its updated counterpart, and even the developer company understands it, which has agreed not to stop supporting the old version. Password recovery in "7" is performed with almost the same algorithm as in "new" considered above, however, due to significant interface differences, there are some nuances that deserve detailed consideration.

Option 1: By number or by mail

Therefore, if you have a mobile phone number and / or an email address associated with your Skype account, you will need to follow the steps below to retrieve the code combination:

  1. Since you know the username for your Skype account, enter it when you start the program for the first time. Then when you need to enter the password, click on the link marked in the image below.
  2. Enter the characters shown in the image and press "Next"..
  3. Select the option to confirm your identity: email or phone number (depending on which one is linked to the account and to which you currently have access). In the case of the mailbox you must enter your address, for the number you must specify its last four digits. Whichever option you choose, once you have identified and confirmed it, click "Send code"..
  4. Next, depending on how you have confirmed your identity, look for an email from Microsoft or a text message on your phone. Copy the code you receive, enter it in the corresponding box and click "Next"..
  5. Once on the page. "Restore password".Enter the new code combination twice, and then go to "Next"..
  6. After confirming that the account has been successfully restored and that the account password has been changed, click again. "Next..
  7. Enter the updated code combination and run "Log in". in Skype,

    and then you will be greeted by the main window of the program.

  8. Unsurprisingly, the password recovery procedure in the seventh version of Skype is easy as long as you have the ability to reset your password, which means that you have access to the phone or email that is linked to your account.

Option 2: No contact information

Much more complicated, but still doable, is the procedure to restore access to your Skype account when you have no contact information, no phone number, and no email. However, in this case, the algorithm of actions does not differ from the one we discussed earlier in the example of the eighth version of the program, so we are going to briefly tell you what you have to do.

  1. When starting Skype, click the link in the lower left corner "Can't you register?".
  2. You will be redirected to the page "Skype login troubleshooting"where you have to click on the link "I don't remember my username or password ...".
  3. Then click on the link "restore password", which is in front of the article "I have forgotten my Skype password.".
  4. Enter the email linked to your account, followed by the characters that appear in the image. Click the button «Next to continue»..
  5. On the page requesting verification of your identity, check the box next to "I don't have this information.".
  6. You will be redirected to the page "Restoration of accounts".. If this does not happen automatically, use the direct link.
  7. Then follow steps # 3-18 from the article section "How to recover a password in Skype 8 and higher"its second part. "Option 2: No contact information.". To facilitate navigation, please use the content on the right.
  8. If you follow the instructions below carefully, you should be able to recover your password and access to your old Skype account, even if you don't have access to a phone number or email address, or if you just haven't signed in with an account.

Skype for mobile

The Skype app, which can be installed on Android and iOS smartphones, served as the basis for its older brother, the updated desktop version. Its interface is almost identical and only differs in the orientation and location of some elements. Therefore, we will only briefly consider how to solve the problem mentioned in the topic of this article from a mobile device.

Option 1: By number or by mail

If you have access to an email or phone number that is linked to your Skype and / or Microsoft account, do the following to recover your password

  1. Launch the application and select the account whose access code you want to recover in the main window,

    or specify a login, if this data has not been saved before.

  2. Next, in the password entry step, click the known link from the above methods "Did you forget your password?".
  3. Enter the characters shown in the image and press "Next"..
  4. Determine the identity verification method: email or phone number.
  5. Depending on the option selected, enter your mailbox address or the last four digits of your mobile number. Receive the code in an email or SMS, copy and paste it in the corresponding field.
  6. Then follow steps # 6-9 of the same name in the first section of this article - "Recovering a password in Skype 8"..

Option 2: No contact details

Now let's take an equally brief look at how to retrieve your Skype account passcode, assuming you don't have any contact details.

  1. Follow steps # 1-3 above. In the identity verification step, check the last option in the list of available options "I don't have this information.".
  2. Copy the link provided in the notification by first highlighting it with a long touch and then selecting the appropriate item from the menu that appears.
  3. Open your browser, navigate to your home page or to the search bar.

    As in the previous step, keep your finger pressed on the input box. From the menu that appears, select "Insert"..

    Along with inserting text, a virtual keyboard will open where you need to press the enter button - analogous to "ENTER".

  4. You will find yourself on a page "Restore account".. The additional algorithm of actions does not differ in anything from what we consider in the variant of the same name ("No contact information.") of the first part of this article - "How to recover a password in Skype 8 and higher". So just repeat steps #3-18 carefully following our instructions.
  5. Because modern Skype for PC and its mobile version are very similar, the password recovery procedure on either of them is done almost identically. The only difference is the positioning: horizontal and vertical, respectively.


Let's finish here, we have covered in detail all options to recover Skype password, which are effective even in seemingly desperate situations. Regardless of the version of the program you use, the old, the new or its mobile counterpart, you can access your account again without much trouble.

We are glad that we have been able to help you with the problem.

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