How to recover a sketchup file?

How to recover a sketchup file? It should be noted that SketchUp is a strong tool to create, view and edit a 3D design for both PC and Mac users, it is an important tool for those who are dedicated to 3D design. SketchUp will save each model project file with a .skp file type extension and autosave will save the project file. skb if the file itself. skp exists.

Everything suggests that the program is good and perfect to use, but sometimes, like everything else, there are inconveniences such as not saving the file in SketChup, or the project file has been deleted, in this post we will indicate some tips for it, that is why it is necessary to continue reading.

 How to recover SketchUp file effectively?

On the other hand, if you have found that you lost or did not save the SkechUp file on your Mac or PC Windows, First of all you must recover it. How? The answer is easy, restore the SketchUp file with a professional program in order to recover the data.

Why need professional data recovery software to recover unsaved SketchUp file?

To be honest, if you forgot to save these files or deleted them, or also you just don't know where they are and you try to recover files from SkecthUp on Mac or manual computer, you may miss the best opportunity to recover them, because you know that lost files may be overwritten by new data, in that case you must make full use of the software so that you perform the recovery immediately, the less time you stop spending the better.

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How to recover an unsaved SketchUp file with AutoSave?

If you have configured SketchUP you should automatically save the changes of Sketch files while they are being modified, for this you must learn to recover the temporary SketchUp file in other words the autosave.

must first be checked which was configured autosave function in SketchUp or not, click on the SketchUp menu going to “Window ““Preferences” “Tab” “General” checking if the box has been checked or not in the backup that has been created in SKB and Autosave, if it was checked there is Learn how to recover SketchUp files from your autosave.

As it is determined that:

For Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015~2018/SketchUp/Autosave/AutoSave_FILENAME.skp

For PC: C:\NUsuarios[your account]\NUnaDrive\NDocumentos\NAutoSave_Untitled.skp

Tips and Tricks: Autosave Explained

As long as you keep a seamless SketchUp file, this generates a backup file, it is like saying a carbon copy of the one that was saved before, it will have the same name as the original, that is: “NAME.skb” in Windows and “NAME.skp” on Mac OS X.

And it is achieved in the same folder SketchUp will save the files every 5 minutes by default, in one called Autosave Mydrawing.skp , so if said file is called this way then if it is autosaved, is not the same as that of backup of first stage.

It should be noted that the autosave files have been kept until the original is saved without problems, consequently, if SketchUp crashes when the autosave is executed, it will not be lost and as a result it will pick up where you left off after the last autosave.