How to register on the Play Store

How to register on the Play Store

When purchasing a new mobile device that runs on the Android operating system, the first step to using it to its full potential is to create an account on the Play Market. An account will allow you to easily download a large number of applications, games, music, movies and books from the Google Play store.

Registration in Play Store

To withdraw from your create a google account, you need a computer or an Android device with a stable Internet connection. Both methods of account registration will be covered below.

Method 1: Official website

    1. In any available browser, open the Google home page and in the window that appears, click "Register". in the upper right corner.
    2. In the next login window, click "Other options". and select "Create an account"..

    1. After completing all the fields to register an account, click "Next".. The phone number and personal email address can be omitted, but in the event of data loss they will help restore access to the account.
    2. Read the information in the window that appears. "Privacy Policy". and click Accepting..
    3. After that, you will see a successful registration message on a new page, where you need to click on "Keep going"..

    1. To activate Play Market on your phone or tablet, go to the application. On the first page, to enter your account details, select "Existing"..
    2. Next, enter the email address and password for the Google account that you previously provided on the site and click "Next". in the shape of an arrow to the right.
    3. Take it "Terms of use". и "Privacy Policy".clicking on "AGREE"..
    4. Check or uncheck the box next to Don't back up your device data to Google files. Click the right arrow at the bottom of the screen to move to the next one.
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  1. The Google Play store will open before you, where you can immediately start downloading the desired applications and games.

That is the step in which the registration in Play Market through the site ends. Now we are going to see how to create an account directly on the device itself, through the app.

Method 2: Mobile App

  1. Enter the Play Store and on the home page, click on "New".
  2. In the next window, enter your first and last name in the corresponding lines and then press the arrow to the right.
  3. Next, create a new email from the Google service by typing it on the single line and clicking the down arrow.
  4. Next, create a password that contains at least eight characters. Then proceed in the same way as described above.
  5. Depending on the Android version, the later windows diverge slightly. In version 4.2, you will need to specify a secret question, the answer to it, and an additional email address to retrieve the lost account details. On Android above version 5.0, the user's phone number is linked at this stage.
  6. You will then be asked to enter the details Payment to purchase paid apps and games. If you do not want to enter them, click on "No thanks"..
  7. Then to agree with "Terms of use". и "Privacy Policy"., check the boxes shown below, and then click the arrow to the right.
  8. After saving the account, confirm "Data Backup Agreement". to your Google account by pressing the right arrow button.
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Everyone, welcome to the Play Market store. Find the apps you need and download them to your device.

Now you know how to create an account in Play Market to fully enjoy the functions of your gadget. If you sign up for an account through the app, the appearance and the data entry sequence may vary slightly. It all depends on the brand of the device and the version of Android.

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