How to register in Telegram from Android, iPhone and PC

How to register in Telegram from Android, iPhone and PC

Method 1: Smartphone

The only thing you need to create an account in Telegram is a smartphone and a SIM card installed in it with a number that will then serve as an identifier (login) in the messenger.

The following example shows the registration procedure on the Android device, but from the iPhone the creation of a Telegram account is done by following similar steps.

  1. Depending on the operating system that controls your smartphone, download and install on it Telegram for Android or the messaging client for iPhone.

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  2. Launch Telegram. On the first screen that appears, tap "Continue in Russian.".

  3. The next step is to provide the system with the mobile ID that you register in it. Check if the country code chosen by the courier matches your phone number and, if necessary, cancel it by touching the name at the top of the screen and then selecting the desired one from the list.

    Enter the digits of the phone number in the field on the screen, then press the circular button with the arrow pointing right above the virtual keyboard on the right.

  4. Expect to receive a text message with the secret 6-digit combination that is the verification code for the phone number you specified in the previous step. Open the message and enter the code in the field on the screen that the messenger displays.

  5. After the system automatically verifies the code, your registration in Telegram is considered really complete, you have to fill in the created profile. Enter your name or nickname for the courier and (optionally) your last name in the corresponding fields,

    add a photo or any image that serves as an avatar for your account.

  6. Press the round arrow button and you can immediately use all the functions of the messenger. This completes the creation of your Telegram account.

Method 2: computer

Registering a Telegram account from a computer or laptop follows the same algorithm as on the mobile devices described above. That is, you have to provide the service with a phone number using the desktop messenger and confirm it with a numeric code sent in an SMS.

The actions described below can also be performed without the need to install software - in the web version of Telegram, which is described in the article available at the following link.

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  1. Install Telegram on your PC / laptop and launch it.

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  2. In the first messenger window that opens, click "Continue in Russian.",


  3. Click on the link «Enter by phone number».

  4. If necessary, edit the country code by setting the value corresponding to your phone number, and then enter the seven digits of your mobile ID in the corresponding field of the Telegram window.

    Click on "CONTINUE"..

  5. Expect to receive a message on your phone with the verification code for the number. Open the SMS and enter the six-digit code in the messenger window.

  6. Then complete the profile you are creating: enter your "Name". and (optionally) "Last name".Upload a photo or image for your avatar to the application.

    Click on the button. "REGISTRATION"..

  7. This completes the creation of a Telegram account from your computer, the messenger is ready to perform its functions.

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