How to sign in to Zoom from a computer by following the instructions

How to sign in to Zoom from a computer by following the instructions.

Zoom is a specialized virtual platform whose main task is to organize all kinds of video conferences, webinars and other events. To hold a video conference, the potential host has to go through a simple registration procedure and create a personal account. The process is simple and consists of a couple of steps. The main thing is to take into account the peculiarities.

I have to register?

All users without exception who want to organize a video conference must register with Zoom. Prior authorization is not required solely for participants in video conferences and webinars who act as listeners. Despite certain restrictions, they reserve the right:

  • communicate in a group chat room;
  • ask questions of interest to obtain complete information from the speakers.

Although there are some limitations for participants who have not pre-registered for Zuma, it is enough to get complete information in the webinar for later application in practice.

Step-by-step instructions to sign up for Zoom

To sign up for Zoom for free on your computer, follow the set steps. The step-by-step instructions for signing up for Zoom include the basic steps, namely

Enter the official website of the virtual platform at

  1. On the home page, in the upper right corner, click on the personal account registration key.
  2. In the newly opened form, the user's personal data is specified, in particular: actual date of birth, full initials, email. Once the form is completed, press the key to continue with the account registration.
  3. In the next step, the email is specified again and the zoom registration button is pressed.
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As an alternative option for authorization, it is generally accepted to log in using:

  • developed by a specialized single access system;
  • A personal account on the Google website;
  • Previously registered personal Facebook page.

For your information: Regardless of the personal account authorization option used in the Zoom virtual platform, it is essential not to forget the email address specified in the form. Activation of the profile is done in the standard way: by pressing the login key.

In order to successfully complete the personal account registration procedure, the user has to spend minutes of free time and truthfully answer the system questions. Some of the main ones are:

  • In the case of registering a personal profile and not on behalf of an educational institution, it is enough to click on the “no” box. Then simply enter a personal password of at least 8 characters;
  • if it is necessary to add a new participant immediately after registration, his email is indicated to send a notification automatically, otherwise it is enough to ignore him;
  • If you want to test the platform, just activate the corresponding option. A communication session is then allowed instantly.

Immediately after, the process of registering a personal account is considered officially completed. The user only has to connect to her profile to continue exploring the functionality of the virtual platform.

child registration

The Virtual Courtyard officially prohibits the registration of a personal account by minor users. If a child needs to use Zuma, one of the following methods is required:

  • Enter a false date of birth;
  • carry out the registration process on behalf of the parents. In this case, the system will not suspect any manipulation by users, so it will automatically open access to all the functionality of the platform.
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Each option carries certain characteristics. Keep in mind that it is the users who must determine the best option for them.

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