How to remove password from a pdf

Tips to Remove Password from PDF

Sometimes we may need to remove the password from a PDF in order to modify or view its content. The key is to follow a few simple steps, which we will show you below to make this task easier for you.

How to remove a password from a PDF

1. If the document is protected by an opening password: It is very simple, because you just have to open the document, write the provided password and then it will ask the user to specify a new one that will be applied when saving the changes, this password is not mandatory, it is only necessary to click accept.

2. In the case in which the document is protected by a password from modifications: Before you can delete the password, you need to know which one you originally received. If you don't know it, the ways to find out are by asking the person who provided you with the file, consulting a professional PDF unlocking service on the Internet, or using specific software for that purpose.

3. Use Software: there are software like PDFPasswordRemover, Hydra, ApowerPDF or Wondershare to unlock PDF documents.

Steps to Remove Password with ApowerPDF

  1. Download and run ApowerPDF from its official page
  2. Upload the PDF document by selecting the “Open” option
  3. Once opened, press the "Remove Password" button
  4. Enter the password stored in the document
  5. Then save the file

In this way it will no longer be necessary to have the password to be able to open, view and edit it. If you want to apply a new password, just click on the “Protect” option.

How to remove security from a PDF file?

The best way to remove security from a PDF file is to use a free tool to convert the PDF to another format, such as Word or Excel. This will allow you to modify the content of the document without having to worry about a password. You can then save the converted document to a PDF file again, without applying any security.

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