How to remove Viber stickers for Android, iOS and Windows

How to remove Viber stickers for Android, iOS and Windows

The stickers in Viber are a great way to add emotion to your correspondence and quickly express your attitude to a specific message from the interlocutor without having to write the message. However, the abundance of images and animations that are uploaded to the messenger makes it difficult to quickly find the right one, and some stickers may simply not be liked by the user. Let's consider ways to remove stickers from Viber apps running on Android, iOS, and Windows.

This article will talk about disabling the ability to use a specific set of stickers and banning them from displaying them in the item menu to send them through Viber. Those users who want to remove from their correspondence a sticker accidentally sent to another member, should consult the material on our website, which informs about the elimination of messages - sent and received through the system of emotional images in the aspect of its elimination not they are different from other types of messages.

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Removing stickers, or more specifically, hiding their individual sets in Viber for Android can be done by two methods.

Method 1: Store Stickers

  1. Open Viber for Android and go to the menu "Plus".and then touch the first item in the list of options that opens. «Sticker shop»..
  2. Call to "Settings".The "Settings" tab, that is, the list of functions applicable to the type of image / animation in question, is displayed by pressing the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In the list of stickypacks that opens, find the ones you don't need and uncheck the round boxes next to their names.
  3. Then go back to section "Cats". delivery courier. Now when you open any correspondence and try to send a sticker to another participant, you will not find any disabled image sets.
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Method 2: Chat screen

    1. Go to any chat room or group and press the icon that shows the option to send a sticker. Swipe to the left of the list of available cases, located at the bottom of the screen, until you find the icon button to go to the settings. Tap on the fly.

  1. Disable the ability to use a certain sticker pack by unchecking the boxes to the right of their names.
  2. When you return to the correspondence screen, confirm that the operation performed has given a positive result.


Users Viber for iPhone They can clean the list of sticker sets in their messenger from unnecessary or unacceptable ones in two ways.

Method 1: Buy Stickers

  1. Launch Viber for iOS and go to "Plus". in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Then open «Sticker shop»..
  2. Tap the gear in the upper right, which will bring up a list of sticker collections added to messenger. Press "Edit". and the list will change its appearance: red icons will appear next to the names of the kits "-".
  3. Click on the icon. "-" next to the sticker pack you want to remove and then tap the button on the right "Delete"..
  4. Perform the manipulation described in the previous paragraph of the instructions with each stickerpack that you do not intend to use in the chats. When the procedure is complete, press "Done". at the top of the screen. Now, when selecting a sticker to send to any chat, deleted image sets will no longer bother you with their presence in the selection menu of objects to send to another Viber user.
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Method 2: Chat screen

  1. Open any correspondence in the messenger and click on the button for moving to select a sticker to send to the interlocutor. Swipe left on the list of available image packs that have been downloaded to the Viber client.
  2. Click on the icon Gears.what will make the list appear «My stickers».. Press "Change". and remove the unnecessary sets in exactly the same way as mentioned in steps 3-4 of the above method description to disable the display of sticker collection in Viber for iOS.


En Viber for PC, removing sticker packs from the list of those available for use in chats is, as in the mobile OS environment described above, very easy and fast.

  1. Start the messenger, open any chat and click on the icon button that gives access to the collection of stickers, near the message input area.
  2. In the menu at the bottom right of the window, click the button that displays "My sticker packs.".
  3. Click on the gear that appears above the list of available sticker sets.
  4. Click on the eye images next to the names of the sticker packs you want to stop using, this will make the sticker pack names inactive and place them at the bottom of the messenger available list.
  5. When you're done deactivating sticker packs, tap "Done"..
  6. That's it: the stickers that were previously added to Viber and made unnecessary have been removed from the menu of those available to send to other members of the messenger.
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As you can see, removing stickers from Viber messenger is not a difficult task. The operation is available to all account holders in one of the most popular messaging systems today, regardless of the operating system of the device you are using.

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