How to repost on Instagram: 4 ways

How to repost on Instagram: 4 ways

Instagram regularly releases updates to its app adding useful new options. However, users still do not have a "native" opportunity to share the photos they like with their followers. For example, a photo of a friend with you or a randomly found photo of a celebrity on the web. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to repost on Instagram, which we'll tell you about in this article.

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How to forward someone else's post from your feed to your Instagram Story

1. To post someone's post from the feed to your Story, click the button with a paper airplane image below the post, similar to Direct.

Then click on the link button. «Add the publication to your story».

2. If desired, add a post or stickers to the forwarding that can be rotated, scaled, moved, and so on.

3. Click on the button His story To add an entry to your Story.

All messages forwarded to Stories show the name of the originator of the original message. When you see a post in someone's Stories, you can tap on it to see the original post, as well as other photos or videos of the person who created it. You can only share posts from public accounts.

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If you don't want your posts to be shared on other people's Stories, you can easily disable this feature in settings.

How to repost on Instagram with a screenshot

The most obvious way to forward a photo. We open the necessary photo on the social network, take a screenshot (instructions), and then upload to Instagram again only from our profile. In details it looks like this:

1. Launch Instagram, search and open the desired image in full screen. 2. Take a screenshot by pressing the (Power) button and the button. Home (Home).

3. Find the photo in the application «GALLERY»And click the setting icon at the bottom of the screen. 4. Click on the icon with the rotation. 5. Drag the frame and trim the excess. 6. Save the cropped image.

7. On Instagram, click the button in the center of the app (pre-crop) and post the photo to your account. Don't forget to tag the person you took the photo for. It should be noted that this method does not allow the video to be republished, which is a great disadvantage.

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How to repost on Instagram with a special app

You can also republish using applications specifically designed for this purpose. There are many and most are free, but some may add their watermark when you republish until you buy the full version.

Let's see an example in one of the most popular, the InstaSaver application:

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1. Download the application from the App Store and launch it.

2. Enter your Instagram account details to log in, then open the photo or video you want and click the button Share.

3. In the menu that appears, select the option «repost«. 4. The standard iOS menu will open - Share…Choose. «Copy to Instagram».and then specify the Instagram section to repost - History O Tape.

5. Select one of the placement patterns of the name of the user from whom you took the media file and press «repost«.

6. Follow the standard steps before posting to Instagram and tap Share. That's!

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How to forward an Instagram post to a website using an embed code

1. Go to the web version of Instagram and open the photo or video you want.

2. Click the icon ("...") in the lower right corner.

3. Select from the menu that opens «Insert«.

4. Then, in the window that appears, select the option «Copy code to paste«.

5. Paste the resulting code into your page or blog editor.