How to ride a bike without a chain and mine cryptocurrencies: new trends in bicycle construction

How to ride a bike without a chain and mine cryptocurrencies: new trends in bicycle construction

The official history of the bicycle dates back 200 years, but the design characteristics of mass models rarely change. However, energy-independent and environmentally friendly transportation is becoming more popular in developed countries, and engineers are beginning to apply bold technological solutions to iron horses.

For example, at the beginning of July 2018, the main prize winner at the annual Eurobike fair was a CeramicSpeed ​​bicycle prototype, which has no chain. Danish engineers replaced one of the main components of the family bike with an axle, reducing friction by an average of 49%.

Naturally, this is not the first attempt to make a cardan transmission for a mechanical two-wheel transport, but the employees of CeramicSpeed ​​and the specialists from the University of Colorado who participated in the development managed to solve the main problem of this design: the change of marches. The prototype was baptized with the name of Driven and, according to its creators, it still needs a lot of work, so it is too early to talk about series production.

But the pros and cons of a cardan drive bike can be outlined. For example, the obvious advantage will be the closed design, which will hide all moving elements, preventing them from becoming contaminated, worn and broken by shocks. Also, the absence of chain and associated components will increase the bike's ground clearance. The main disadvantages of the Driven will probably be the high cost and heavy weight of the powertrain.

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One of the main advantages of the bicycle compared to the car is the almost zero cost of its operation. The bicycle of the future, on the other hand, must also earn money. The 50cycles company introduced earlier this summer the Toba model electric bike, which mines cryptocurrencies while on the road.

You won't be able to mine bitcoins, of course; the credit goes to a specially created money called LoyalCoin, which can be spent to buy parts for your Toba in 50cycles stores, for example. They are unlikely to be cheap as the price of the motorcycle in the US will exceed $ 2.000. In this case, the user will earn about 25 dollars for 1.500 kilometers of road, at the stroke of the pedal.