How to watch DAZN for free: all the ways out there

How to watch DAZN for free: all the ways out there

There are a variety of methods that allow the user watch DAZN for free but it is worth noting up front that some of them are completely illegalOthers are Trick to extend the DAZN free trial period.

In this guide I will talk about all the ones that exist and work: which one to choose will depend on you and how much you want to risk.

First method: DAZN's free month

Basically, DAZN offers one month free (30 days to be exact) trial when you sign up for the service. With a little trick you can extend this trial period. You should know that to register in DAZN it is necessary:

  • One of the following methods Payment your choice of credit / debit card, PayPal account, Google Play balance, iTunes credit, Amazon credit, or a purchase code.
  • A email.

The trick to extend your free months

The first thing you can do to earn free months is completely legal is creating an account using a different card and email: if you don't know where to get a new card, you can buy a free reloadable card like HYPE o N26. You can also simply save money on the monthly price of DAZN by using services like Joint price that, in a way absolutely legal, allows you to buy DAZN subscriptions at bargain prices.

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You are a bit disappointed because you were looking for a trick to get it. DAZN free forever? Well, it doesn't exist: and whoever promises it lies!

Second method: IPTV lists

IPTV lists (if you don't know what they are, read our in-depth analysis) allow you to access DAZN content and watch all sporting events, such as football matches, present in DAZN programming. also can view these DAZN IPTV lists directly on your Smart TV (as we explained in our article) and, as we have already said several times, always keep in mind that there are two types of lists:

  • Public lists- Generally available and easy to find online, but often unstable.
  • Private lists: very stable but it is often bought by individuals or small traders, and here you risk a lot 4 years in prison and a fine of 2.000 euros.). The so-called "pezzotto", in short.

Those who choose to use private lists, as already mentioned, risk a lot: to try to camouflage these uses, they often resort to VPN and the best you can use are NordVPN, IPVanish y PureVPN.

Third method: Acestream

Another method that is illegal but is often used by people who do not want to pay for IPTV listings is to use Acestream. TO difference from IPTV liststhat when there are many people connected it begins to slow down, Acestreams are more stable when lots of people are online.. The reason is simple: it is about flows P2P.

The most famous currents for watch DAZN for free with Acestream ARE:

  • arenavision
  • LiveTV
  • livefootballol
  • AvezySports
  • Direct red
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This solution usually poses two problems:

  • Inferior quality than the IPTV lists;
  • Hard to find DAZN channels in Italian;

Our dispassionate advice

Why take a chance for a handful of euros? Do not use illegal channels, rather trust services like Together Price that we mentioned before because Make it legal to get a DAZN account at lower prices.

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