How to see how many messages are in a chat?

How to see how many messages are in a chat? Communication it has improved with the arrival of mobile devices and even more so for smart devices, which made it possible to add text messaging as a basic principle of social interaction, especially thanks to social network applications. If you want to know how many messages you send through this medium, keep reading.

In the different messaging applications and in the spaces designed to communicate on social networks, you can easily see how many messages you have sent. In almost all chats you will find a way to see the number of messages that have been written there.

However, knowing the number of messages sent and received by each chat is not always available information in applications. Still, there are a few tricks you can learn to give yourself a little information about text messaging from your favorite apps. For this case, WhatsApp and Telegram.

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On WhatsApp

  • The way more quick and simple To see how many messages have been written in the chats is simply to open the application. Wait a few seconds for it to load and you will see all the messages that have been sent to you highlighted with an icon right on the right side of each chat.
  • However, this modality it only allows you to know the messages received since the last time you entered the application.
  • But to see the total number of messages that have been written in each chat, I inform you that you will not be able to do it for Android or iOS devices. Previously, this function was available in the application interface, but it was disabled in the last
  • The only information you will receive regarding this, is the total number of messages sent in the set of all chats. For this, only apply the instructions that I give you below:
  • Open the application and press the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner. You must enter ´Adjustes´ and then ´Storage and data´. Later enter 'Use of data'.
  • In the latter you will be able to see the consumption that some functions of the phone have had in MB, among which you will find ´Messages´ with the total messages sent and received.
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On Telegram

In this application, being able to know the total number of messages per chat is possible to follow a similar procedure described for WhatsApp:

  1. Open the application and if the chat has time Without opening it, you will be able to see the messages received since the last time you entered.
  2. On the other hand, you can know the total number of messages received in the following way:
  3. Press the icon horizontal lines towards the upper left corner. In the displayed tab enter ´Adjustes´ and then within this section locate ´Data and storage´.
  4. Enter now in 'Use of data' and you will observe the number of sent and received items, as well as the number of bytes sent and received for each item, where you will then find the voice and video messages. Go to the end to check the total data consumed.
  5. You will be able to know this last information for both mobile and Wi-Fi and Roaming.