How to view Instagram passwords on your phone

How to view Instagram passwords on your phone

Method 1: Account Settings

The main way to view Instagram passwords is to use the account settings on the device, either Apple or Google, depending on the platform. This is only possible if the data you want was originally saved in an attached account and is available as autocomplete options when you visit the home page of the application or the official website of the social network.

Option 1: iOS

On iOS devices, you can find your Instagram password through settings in a separate section that stores authorization details for various websites and mobile apps.

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    1. Ir a "Settings". from the list of standard applications, scroll down the bottom page and press «Passwords and accounts». This action is generally the same for all versions of the operating system.
    2. While on the page «Passwords and accounts», click on the block "Site and software passwords" and search ""Using the field at the top of the screen, as needed. Here you can save several accounts at the same time, gathered in a single game.
    3. Touch the marked line and select an account as necessary. Later on the block "Password". will display the searched information associated with the previous username.
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If you prefer, you can use the link "Rule".to access saved data settings. Changing the settings shown here will have no effect on your Instagram account, only on the autofill data.

Option 2: Android

If you use an Android device, your main account is Google, unless that method is not fully available (for example, the latest Huawei / Honor mobile phones). To find out the details of the desired account, you will have to visit a special section in your operating system settings, use a separate company application, or a website.

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    1. Open the Google settings on your device through the system settings, by tapping on the profile picture in the browser, or by using a separate application. Next, you must use the block with the email address and in the menu that appears, press «Manage your Google account»..

    1. On the next page, scroll left through the navigation menu and select "Security".. Do the same here, but this time looking for the block "Access other sites through your Google account.".
    2. In the specified subdivision, click the block "Password manager".to access the full list of sites and applications where you have logged in and saved your data. You can find Instagram by yourself or by using the field at the top "Search by password".Read also: How to see passwords in Google Smart Lock
    3. To see the details of the application, the name of the option must not have additional characters, only the name of the software, while in the case of the website the full URL will be provided. Touch the desired option from the list, select an account, and confirm by re-entering your Google account password.
    4. Once you're on the app or website data page, tap the cross eye icon to see your password in the field of the same name. You can also limit yourself to automatic copying to the clipboard by using the icon next to it.
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Do not forget about the possibility to change and delete information if necessary, taking into account that the consequences apply simultaneously to all authorized devices.

Method 2: Browser Settings

Because the website and the Instagram app share the same password, the web browser settings can be used as an alternative to setting up a single account on the device. This task is performed very similarly in all mobile browsers, and for that reason only one example will be covered, while the others can be found on their own in another tutorial.

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    1. Regardless of which browser page you have open, click the call icon in the main menu (the logo, as in our example, or the three dots to the right of the address bar) and select "Settings"..
    2. From the page of the same name, scroll through the list of parameters to the block "Browser".. Here you should touch the element Passwords. and on the next screen expand the subsection "Saved passwords".
    3. If necessary, using a search engine, find "" in the list of saved information and press the corresponding item to go to the data view. The character set you are looking for will be available within the block "Password"..

Normally, similar to the Google settings, the copy and view buttons should be available here, but without the ability to change them. The specified signs will be equally relevant to both the website and the application, provided the correct username and password combination is selected.

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Method 3: Change the password

If you cannot access the data using the methods presented above, the last solution is to restore your Instagram account, which will allow you to specify a new password that will be valid. You will need to access the phone number or email address in your account settings to perform the necessary steps.

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To recover it, you have to log out of your account, use the link "Login Assistance". and select the most convenient confirmation option, either by mail or by phone. This procedure is described in detail in a separate instruction on the website at the link above and will be valid regardless of the version of the social network.

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