How to See Posts I Liked on Instagram

How to see the posts on Instagram that I liked?

Have you ever found a funny post on Instagram, but then lost it and don't know how to find it anymore? Well, fortunately the social network allows you to find again all those publications that you have marked with a 'like'. Here we explain how to seduce them.

1. Go to the “Like” button

In the app menu, go to the “Like” tab. This will take you to a list of all those Instagram posts that you have previously downloaded.

2. Explore your review your posts

The contents are arranged chronologically. Browse through all the posts you've saved throughout your time on Instagram to see the ones you liked.

3. Check the information of the publication

Click on the publication to see the details. Here you can see if the publication is:

  • Public: Visible to all users.
  • Private: Only visible to the author of the publication or his followers.
  • Eliminated: The post was deleted by the author.

4. Share, Save or React to the Post

If you want, you can save, share, or react to the post again. This option is available if the post is still visible.

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