How to see the creation date of a profile on Instagram?

How to see the creation date of a profile on Instagram? Instagram is currently one of the platforms that has been talked about, all due to the fact that it allows users to can develop their day-to-day activities and show them to users. It is a space to safely display the minute by minute of each activity and for publications or stories about an event to appear.

Just as Instagram has positive things, it also presents doubts that begin in the thoughts of Internet users. Given this, people can show their respective doubts or also be violent in internet matters Through a meaningless question

To remove your doubts, a good idea is to follow the steps below so that you are sure of who you have on your platform and how this can harm you in the future. Also, do not get into the idea of ​​maintaining a security ingrained in the system, but to see them with your own eyes.

How can I know the creation date on Instagram?

One of the things that keeps people in suspense is knowing about other users who may have attracted attention at some point. This is a permission that very few can know but that will always be a welcome topic among everyone.

However, you cannot know for sure when an account was created. In any case, it is extremely important that you know your own so that it serves as a stimulus that will help you understand all the time you have been in tune with social networks.

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Steps to know how to know the creation date of your profile on Instagram

  • Enter the Instagram platform
  • Now click on your profile or the icon that directs you to the profile
  • Select the profile settings button and then go to privacy
  • Enter personal data and see the date

Once you have met the points mentioned above, it is a good idea to finish regulating all the things on your account.

Other Instagram tricks

Just as there are those types of elements that give personal recognition of the account to each user, there are also several options and elements whose main point is to welcome addresses within the platform.

An example of it is knowing who reports a post or profile to you on Instagram.

Who reports me on Instagram?

  • See the comments they have left you on certain recent posts
  • Check the source of the private messages you have received in recent days
  • Look at the number of followers you have and compare with other moments of it

Although there is no method to know for sure who blocked you, with the steps mentioned above can you have any idea. Thanks to the comments and doubts on the part of the users, you have the chance to find out more in depth who reported you and the reason why.