How to see the phone number on Instagram?

How to see the phone number on Instagram? The social networks are a boom today, for bringing together many people who connect with each other. They do not allow us to connect with people from anywhere in the world just by looking for the name or the name of their profile. Among the well-known applications of social networks we will refer in this article to Instagram.

Instagram directly it does not allow you to search to see the phone numbers of the person. But there is not impossible, there are certain tricks where you can search for people on Instagram, whether it is a co-worker, a family, phone contacts, a friend and even someone you want to know for the purpose you have through the number without having to download an app.

We explain you then,

How to see the phone number on Instagram

For example you know someone and he gives you his phone number with his name on it, but it's the only thing you own. You want to find who you met on Instagram to follow and have contact. But there is always something that you don't know how to locate her because you don't have her username and she doesn't belong to your group of friends on Facebook, which in that case you could look for her on Instagram.

Because you only have the information about the phone number and the person's name, you must create a new contact in your phone book with the only information you have. When created, Open Instagram trust your phone Android and go to the settings menu of your profile on Instagram, look for the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner

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Then in the menu you will see several options and click on "Discover person" and your contacts will appear in the suggestions. The option "Connect contacts" will appear and press the button "Connect" then you click "Allow access".

When you allow access, Instagram will give you the option to see the phone numbers of your contacts, that way you can search for any user in their profiles that are linked to those phone numbers.

Instagram will give you some Listings with profiles so you can search for phone numbers. The process can be a bit slow that depends on the number of people that are in your contacts.

Every trick can have disadvantages, but sometimes on Instagram the results we are looking for are not shown. Because there are users who do not report their phone number in their profile, because it is not a mandatory field and they leave them blank.

In the event that you want to see the phone number on Instagram and the person has their profile set to private, you will not be able to see it unless you send a follow-up request and are accepted. If the profile is public if you will be able to access.

Another way that you can't see The phone number on Instagram, even though you have it added to your account, is that that person is not registered on Instagram and if they have it, they did not share their phone number on the platform. The other option is that the user has you blocked.