How To Send A Furniture By Wallapop

How to send a piece of furniture by Wallapop

Sending a piece of furniture through Wallapop is easy if you follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Get the packing details

  • Choose a cardboard box that is large enough to pack your furniture.
  • Buy duct tape, giant bags to cover the furniture, and bags for the screws.
  • Use something like a padding material to soften the bumps during transport.

Step 2: Prepare the furniture for shipment

  • Remove all the bolts and nuts and place them in small plastic bags.
  • Remove doors and drawers so they are not damaged in transit.
  • Do not forget to label each piece before packing the furniture.

Step 3: Pack the furniture for shipping

  • Cover the furniture with bags to protect it from scratches during transport.
  • Place the filling material in the gaps in the furniture to irreversibly protect it.
  • Tape the cardboard box shut to keep the furniture from slipping out.

Step 4: Ship the furniture to its destination

  • Go to the location you have chosen for the delivery of the furniture.
  • Deliver the package to the nearest post office for dispatch.
  • Wait for the furniture to arrive at its destination.

Sending a piece of furniture through Wallapop is a simple process if you follow these four steps. You won't suffer any stress when shipping furniture, just make sure the packaging is suitable for the product you are shipping.

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