How to enroll in Zoom

How to enroll in Zoom

Option 1: Computer

You can create a new Zoom account from your computer only through the official website of the service.

ZOOM Cloud Conferencing Service Official Website

    1. Follow the above link to ZOOM official website and click "SIGN UP FREE". at the top right of the page.

    1. Selecting the values ​​from the drop-down lists, provide the system with your date of birth, and then click "Keep going"..
    2. The next step is to provide the email, which, among other things, will be a login to the service. Enter your email address in the field "Your work email address.",

      press the button "Record".

      and solve the captcha.

      If you are connected to a Google account in your browser or have an open Faсebook account, you can speed up the process of creating an account in Zoom a bit by using the social media buttons at the bottom of the web page with a field to enter your email address.

    3. Once you receive a successful email notification with a link to activate your Zoom account, go to the mailbox indicated in the previous step.
    4. Open sender's letter "Zoom", press the button containing "Activate account". or the verification link.
    5. On the page that opens (since the account is being created for an individual, not an educational institution), move the radio button to "None". and then click on "Keep going"..
    6. Then enter your first and last name in the corresponding fields, think and enter your password twice to access your Zoom account,

      and then press "Keep going"..

    7. In general, the creation of an account in the Zoom conferencing service is now complete, then you are asked to invite your acquaintances to communicate through the system. Take advantage of this opportunity or skip the action if you wish.
    8. At this point, the task outlined in the title of the article is considered to be solved. From the Zoom Enrollment Wizard web page, you can proceed to test and work with the cloud conferencing system, as well as open the created account details for editing.

In the future, use the email address (login) and password that you specified when following the instructions to log in to the cloud conferencing system in any method of logging in to it (for example, after installing and run the desktop app).

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Option 2: Mobile devices

Android and iOS mobile device users can approach the task of registering an account with the service in question in two ways: using the Zoom client application, or using any mobile browser. Both approaches are described in detail in a separate article posted on our website.

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