How to solve a not working HDMI to VGA adapter

How to solve a not working HDMI to VGA adapter

Often times, users with older monitors are faced with a lack of digital connection interfaces on their new video cards. In this case there is only one solution: the use of special adapters and converters. Its correct operation depends directly on the model of the video card, the monitor and the quality of the device itself. If you come across the fact that the purchased equipment is not working, do not get upset, because you can try to fix this problem by several easy methods.

How HDMI to VGA Adapters Work

HDMI and VGA connectors differ not only in shape, but also in operation. VGA is an older connection interface that can only send images to the monitor. HDMI is a more modern solution, which is actively being developed today. This video interface is digital, and is capable of reproducing images in better quality, as well as transmitting audio. The adapter or converter not only allows you to connect to the necessary connector, but also provides a correct transmission of image and sound. Read more about how to establish such a connection in our article at the link below.

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Troubleshooting: HDMI to VGA adapter does not work

As already mentioned, a connected adapter does not always output an image on the screen and work properly. In some cases, the monitor, graphics card, or computer model used is simply not compatible with each other or requires additional adjustments. The problem of the adapter not working is solved in several easy ways. Let's take a look at them.

Method 1: Change screen resolution in Windows

To apply this method, you will need to connect your system unit to a digitally connected monitor, television, or laptop. What happens is that many old monitors do not support working with a higher resolution, so you have to change it manually in the operating system. Read more about how to connect your computer to a TV, monitor or laptop in our articles at the links below.

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You can change the screen resolution in Windows using the built-in settings. You just have to follow the instructions below:

  1. Open "Starts". and go to "Control Panel"..
  2. Click on. "Screen".to access the setup menu.
  3. In the menu on the left, select "Adjust screen resolution.".
  4. In the corresponding pop-up window, move the slider to the desired value and click "Apply"..

To find out the maximum resolution supported by your monitor, consult the manual or visit the manufacturer's website. For more information on how to change screen resolution in windowsPlease see our articles in the following links.

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Method 2: Replacing the adapter with an active converter

Normally, when a computer with a new graphics card is connected to an old monitor or television, the power transmitted through the cable is insufficient. Therefore, simple adapters will not output an image. In addition, they do not allow the transmission of sound due to lack of a suitable connection cable.

We recommend buying an active converter in the store and reconnecting it through it. The peculiarity of these equipments is that your system receives additional power through the USB connector, which allows a fast and correct operation. If you also need to transmit the sound, choose the converter with additional connection via minijack.

The above methods are the most effective and usually resolve the problem quickly. However, if none of the methods help, try connecting the adapter to another device, check the cables and motherboard for continuity, or contact your dealer for a replacement.

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