How to fix the error "Requires action with Google account"

How to fix the error "Requires action with Google account"

Method 1: Delete the account

The most common mistake "Requires account action." Google occurs on Android devices due to the complete deletion of the account, which in turn has been linked to the smartphone. This is due to the fact that when deactivating the profile, even if it is successfully completed, the phone applications and in particular Google Services continue with unsuccessful synchronization attempts, often blocking the linking of new accounts and many other features. of the platform. To fix the problem, all you have to do is perform the restore procedure and then remove it properly.

Account recovery

Despite the possibility of deleting your account, Google provides the means to restore it, which you can use on the official website by activating the browser on your PC or your phone. To do this, you will need to obtain your profile data, including passwords and SMS code. You can find more details about recovery in a separate instruction on the site.

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Smartphone settings

Once the account is restored and reactivated on the mobile device in the system application "Settings". it should show an account with the option to log out. Complete this task by following one of the instructions below and link a new master profile if desired.

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Separately, note that as an alternative, for example, if the account does not appear in "Google" On your smartphone, you can use your account settings to force a disconnect. This approach may not be available in certain circumstances, but it is still worth a try.

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Method 2: Google Service Settings

Even after completely disabling the Google account on the device and replacing it with a new one, the error «Requires an action with the account» specifying an outdated profile can still occur. As a solution, you should clean the activity data of the Google Play Services application.

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  1. Go to system "Settings".expand section "Applications". and select. "Google Play services". from the general software list. Depending on the version of the operating system and the version of the firmware, the exact steps may vary slightly.
  2. Once on the program options page, use the option "Delete data" o Clear the vault.before touching the block if necessary "Vault". o "Management of places".. This action will require confirmation and a little time to execute, after which the data will be deleted.

    Also, you can restart your smartphone using one of the available methods. However, even without this, the error is likely to go away.

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Method 3: Restore settings

The most comprehensive solution, relevant only to the error associated with the first two methods, is to completely clean the device by restoring factory settings. This is quite capable of helping as it will remove the used credentials from the phone, but any other information will be gone as well. To make sure you don't mess up during the reset process, be sure to read the following instructions.

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Note that in all other cases not related to anchoring the Google account, this method will not produce any results and can be ignored.

Method 4: turn off notifications

If there are no actual limitations due to the bug in question, you can try to get rid of the notification as a nuisance by turning off notifications from Google Services. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this method will work, as most of the time problems arise precisely because of the deactivated account.

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  1. Open the system "Settings".expand subsection "Appendices". and select. "Google Play services".. As before, the location and naming of some items may partially vary.
  2. On the program page, uncheck "Notifications". under the title bar. In case of absence of the specified item, go to a separate section "Notifications". and activate the option "Block all.".
  3. Recent versions of Android allow you to disable software alerts through the "Notifications". in the page "Appendices".. To do this, open the specified screen, expand the list of «Show all applications».…Choose. «Google Play services» and move the slider to the left "Enable notifications"..

This will stop the program from sending any alerts, including an error message.

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Method 5: Setting the password

If the error in question occurs in the main account on the device when using the G Suite features, the problem may be due to incorrect settings in "Administration console".. Therefore, it is necessary to use the Google Admin website to disable the special function.

Official Google Admin website

  1. Follow the link above and log into your Google account with an individual domain. Pull down the main menu in the upper left corner of the page to continue.

    Through this list, you need to navigate to "Devices". - you have to click on the exact line "Devices".not by dropdown items.

  2. In the left column of the page. "Device management". find unity "Mobile". and use the link "Password setup"..
  3. Expand subsection "Rules regarding passwords" and next to the paragraph "Password setup". uncheck the box. "Require users to set passwords".

    This action must be confirmed with the button "Save". on the bottom panel.

    If the parameter change is successful, you will receive a corresponding notification and an error "Account Action Required." will disappear.

As an alternative to the solution presented, it is quite possible to set a password on a smartphone that satisfies the requirements specified in "Administration console".. This should also make the notification disappear.

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