How to superimpose one photo over another on your iPhone

How to superimpose one photo over another on your iPhone

The iPhone is an extremely functional device capable of performing a large number of useful tasks. But all this is possible thanks to third-party applications distributed in the App Store. Specifically, next we will see what tools can be used to superimpose one photo on another.

Overlaying One Image Over Another With iPhone

If you like photo processing on your iPhone, you have surely seen many examples of work in which one image is superimposed on another. You can achieve this effect by using photo editing applications.


The Pixlr app is a powerful, high-quality photo editor with a huge set of image processing tools. Specifically, you can use it to merge two photos into one.

Download Pixlr from the App Store

  1. Download Pixlr on your iPhone, launch it and click the button "Fotos".. The iPhone library is displayed and the first image in the library has to be selected.
  2. When the image is open in the editor, select the button in the lower left corner to open the tools.
  3. Open section "Double exposure".
  4. A message will appear on the screen «Click to add a photo», tap on it, and then select the second image.
  5. The second image will be superimposed on the first. Use the dots to adjust its position and scale.
  6. At the bottom of the window, there are various filters that can be used to change both the color of the images and their transparency. You can also adjust the transparency of the image manually - for this at the bottom there is a slider, which must be moved to the desired position until the desired effect is achieved.
  7. After editing is complete, select the check box in the lower right corner, and then press the button. "Done"..
  8. Click on "Save Picture"to export the result to the iPhone memory. To share on social networks, select the application that interests you (if it is not in the list, press "Advanced".).
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The following program is a complete photo editor with a social network function. That is why you will have to go through a little registration process here. However, this tool offers much more possibilities to merge two images than Pixlr.

Download PicsArt on the App Store

  1. Install and start PicsArt. If you do not have an account with this service, enter your email address and click "Create an account". or use the integration of social networks. If a profile has been previously created, select "Log in"..
  2. Once your profile opens on the screen, you can start creating an image. To do this, select the icon with the plus sign in the lower center area. The image library will open on the screen and you will have to select the first image.
  3. The image will open in the editor. Then select the button «Add photo»..
  4. Select the second image.
  5. When the second image overlaps, adjust its location and scale. Then the most interesting thing begins: in the lower part of the window there are tools that allow you to achieve interesting effects when pasting the image (filters, transparency adjustments, blends, etc.). We want to erase the unnecessary fragments of the second image, so we select the icon with an eraser at the top of the window.
  6. In the new window, use the eraser to remove anything unnecessary. For more precision, scale the image with the pinch and adjust the transparency, size and sharpness of the brush with the slider at the bottom of the window.
  7. Once the desired effect is achieved, select the check mark icon in the upper right corner.
  8. Once you have finished editing, select the button "Apply".and then press "Next"..
  9. To share a finished photo on PicsArt, click "Send".and then complete the publication by pressing "Done"..
  10. The image will appear on your PicsArt profile. To export to the memory of your smartphone, open it and touch the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner.
  11. An additional menu will appear on the screen, asking you to select "Load".. It's done!
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This is by no means a complete list of applications that allow you to superimpose one photo on another: the article contains only the most successful solutions.

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