How to use Alexa as a speaker for your PC

How to use Alexa as a speaker for your PC

Nowadays, it is more and more common to buy and use some smart devices capable of making life easier and more enjoyable for users at home. One of the most used and loved devices is just Amazon Echoa device that, when working with the voice assistant Alexa allows the user to carry out numerous tasks. Among the many advantages that Amazon Echo offers, we also find those related to the field of audio. In fact, in case you didn't know, it is possible use Alexa as a speaker for your PC. The procedure is not difficult at all, since it involves following a few simple steps that you will find throughout the guide.

How to use Alexa as a speaker for your PC

If you intend to use Alexa as a speaker for a PCThe procedure is very simple and differs slightly depending on the operating system used.


If you use a PC Windows you can easily connect your Amazon home device in two ways.

To connect the device as a speaker Bluetooth:

  • Open the Settings Windows
  • Continue Devicesthen Bluetooth and other devices
  • After activating the BluetoothActivate the pairing on the Echo device (just say 'Alexa, turn on Bluetooth")
  • Then click Add Bluetooth device or other type
  • Select Bluetooth and locate the device to connect

Once the device is paired with the PC, to connect disconnect all you have to do is say 'Alexa, connect (or disconnect) Bluetooth«.

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In the unfortunate event that the PC fails to detect Amazon home device will be able to fix the problem as follows:

  • Open the application Amazon Alexa (available for Android/iOS)
  • Continue in section Devicesthen Echo & Alexa
  • Select the device you are interested in and tap on Bluetooth devices
  • Finally, select your PC to connect it

If, on the other hand, your PC does not have Bluetooth, or if you want to connect your Amazon home device in a way that is easier for you to do so, then you can use it to connect to Amazon. traditionalyou can just buy (in case you don't have one) a stereo audio cable de 3,5 mm.

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However, pay attention to the Echo you have: in fact, only some devices come with an «Echo».audio input (Amazon Echo XNUMXrd generation onwards and Amazon Echo Plus).

Also, once you've paired Alexa with your PC, it's good to know. you cannot control the functionality of the latter.but the only thing you can do is manage media playback (such as pause in playback)


Also MacOS it is very easy to use Alexa as a speaker (Bluetooth or traditional).

  • Then click System preferences (the gear icon in the Dock)
  • Continue Bluetooth (enable it if necessary)
  • Activate the Bluetooth in Alexa (pronouncing «Alexa, turn on Bluetooth")
  • Click on Connect after locating and selecting the Amazon home device

Again, you can easily connect and disconnect Alexa from your PC by saying «Alexa, connect / disconnect Bluetooth«.

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In case you want to connect your Amazon home device in a traditional way, you will only have to buy a 3,5mm stereo audio cable (assuming your Amazon Echo device has a compatible audio input). You should pay attention to the model your device, as explained in the previous chapter on Windows.

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